1. @SmokeyGoodness they are so dangerous! oh man!

  2. @nkr1695 Hi Angie! If you use 2 1/2C of Bisquick from the box it should
    come out perfectly that way. The only thing I would do is make sure that
    your butter is very cold (I rushed when I did this vid and that’s why my
    biscuits didn’t come out as fluffy). So glad you found my videos! Most of
    them are full-fat! ;-)

  3. Hello Caitlin, If I was using the bisquick from the box how many cups
    should I use? Its more ecenomical to buy it for my family thay way!. I just
    found your channel tonight and now Im addicted! lol.. I tried adding your
    Facebook page from the link you provided but Its not letting me! are most
    of your recipes lowfat for the most part? I love looking up new dessert
    recipes so Im not so much interested in “lowfat” obvousily!lol.. Thanks for
    sharing -Angie

  4. What temperature do you cook the biscuits at?

  5. @riccoles1 lol thanks

  6. Oh Man I love these things! We always get extras every time we go to Red

  7. You’re a great cook, Catlin- why use a mix with additives?? Cook from
    scratch, BayBee! (Now I have to figger out how to make bisquit mix on my
    own!) ;)

  8. Great looking biscuits!!

  9. OMG.. YUMMO!! lol

  10. Its best to use really COLD butter for this recipe to make sure the biscuit
    texture is really nice and flakey! Good job! LOVE these biscuits!!!

  11. @CassandraHCM yes! that was my mistake with this video – talk about rushing

  12. @TheVittleVlog thank you xo

  13. @ChristieGirl151 Hi Christie! Sorry I just saw this comment now, you can
    certainly use buttermilk!

  14. My mom makes these and found the recipe on some pentrist website

  15. looks so good thaks

  16. @Skripmusic thanks skrip, they’re addictive!!! yum!!!!

  17. Just had these the other day!! YUMMMMM – S K R I P

  18. Looks good! Gonna use this for my crab boil party

  19. This video was too short.

  20. This was toofast!you bisquick pancake mix?!

  21. @OCMemories thanks so much for watching :-)

  22. @sbynum6373 400*F

  23. Can you use buttermilk?

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