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Reshmi Kebab – Indian Non-Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes

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  1. will try it :) ‘yummy

  2. I love your cooking…You guys do such a great job. My only request is for you to use a microphone the volume is so low i can’t hear anything on my laptop but my desktop with amplified is fine. but when im on the go wtih my laptop.. very low volume… but i love the show thank you.

  3. @alooball: this is an older video, we have since then got so new
    equipment. Hope things have become better.

  4. Yummmm!

  5. Hello there, i love u r recipes.I have a question 1)Is it ok to use steel skewers intstead of bamboo ones. 2) Do you need to preheat the oven? and at what temperature? 3)How long u need to cook those kabab in the oven?

  6. @mysore1980
    1) Steel skewers will work just fine 2) Broil means the heat comes only from the top so no need to preheat the oven. Broil settings are usually “High” and “Low”. You can use “High”. 3) Broil for 10 mins on one side, flip and broil for 5-7 mins on the other side. Every oven is different so please keep a close eye on it.

  7. No need to apply any kind of basting on the chicken in the oven?

  8. @mamatalu
    Since the pieces are pretty small and the cooking time is fairly short, we did not need to baste. If you feel that the chicken is drying out, you could baste it.

  9. Thanks for the amazing recipes guys….one quick question….what can i substitute for the whip cream?

  10. @sumit5008
    You could try hung yogurt or coconut milk. If you use yogurt, you would have to use very low heat and constantly stir. Of course, the taste will be completely different.

  11. Hello Hetal and Anuja! Please explain the the baking sheet and the aluminium foil point and also i donot have broil mode in my oven. I have grill function , extra grill function, fan function, grill with fan function, and static function with a symbol which has one straight line on top and one in bottom. which one do i use? do i keep the tray on top, middle or bottom? please help asap as am trying the receipe tomorrow as have already marinated the chicken :-) thanks

  12. @sonalivenkat
    We used a baking sheet (or pan) and lined it with aluminum foil. This makes cleanup easy when all the juices stick at the bottom of the pan. Broil just means that the heat (high heat – approx 500F) comes only from the top. You keep your baking tray closer to the top of the oven. We’re not sure about your oven settings, but choose the one that has the heat coming only from the top. If it gets too confusing, you can opt for the pan/stove method :). Good luck.

  13. I’m sorry, I’m a beginner. What do I soak the skewers in? Water??

  14. @WprEmiere1985
    Yes, water. The skewers are made out of wood so if they are not soaked, they will burn.

  15. What’s the difference between sour & whipping cream? Can I just replace whipping cream with sour cream?

  16. Ladies, I am gonna cook this for my family tonight.

    I have two questions to ask you. First, for the stove top method, what was your setting on? Medium or high?

    And, when you made the kababs, which method turned out better taste and consistency wise?

  17. @Desi4evah We usually cook on a med-high. For this recipe – both work really good. The oven method, has a different flavor (slightly smoky and more kebab-ish) whereas, the stove-top retains a lot of moisture…. :S
    Both are good…. enjoy!

  18. can i use half and half cream

  19. @animatedsumit
    We have not tried this recipe with half and half but the consistency of it is slightly thinner than cream so it would take longer to burn off.

  20. what is broil mode

  21. @shefalikale
    The heat comes from the top.

  22. we hav to soak the skewers only with water

  23. @dcostajean
    Yes…so that they don’t burn when you put them on the grill.

  24. how does dat wip cream taste? sweet?

  25. @kheyatori : It is cream that is whipped and is not sweet.

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