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restaurant in Chiang Mai where you cook your own food

This is a typical cook your own food Thai restaurant in Mae Jo, Chiang Mai food and beer for 4 people 550 baht eat as much as you want.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. 02.01 Yeh! parasites,you need to take care eating raw meat. Plenty of human
    parasites in Thailand too though as I’m sure you’re well aware..Bet you
    always pay 100% the

  2. Excellent food… I am hungry,,,

  3. 1.23-to 1.29 the eight wonder of the world (walking) ji ji ji sorry oh yes
    the food look so good and tasty

  4. Now I am hungry… brb in 15 8)

  5. Sorry I’m just a cynic..Mai pen lai…good channel. Sabai Sabai..chok dee

  6. Mookata aroi.

  7. korean bbq! thats the shit! well good food! xxx

  8. Thai Baht, last I knew was about 30 per dollar. I hear it’s gone up some.
    Not sure about it now. 550 baht makes exactly $18.33 for the four of them.
    Still less than five dollars a person. That’s still awesome no matter how
    you slice it.

  9. eh, like hot pot city, paying to cook your own food, quite a mind trick
    they’ve worked out on their customers.

  10. where is this restrant iam tacking my family to chiang mai.

  11. This food looks fantastic. Love Thailand. Love Thai people. Love Thai food.
    All this for basically about fifteen American dollars.

  12. good scoff, cheap n cheerful

  13. fantastic food!!!

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