1. I’m very impressed with this guy. I know he did this as a promo for a product, but he seems like he knows what he’s doing. Please, please, please, make more of this.

  2. I’ve been to his house where he does his show for a cooking class. Awesome food. Great guy.

  3. holy crap wow this taught me a bunch im gonna do this every time now

  4. am not a salad fan but damn i feel like have me one now

  5. God dam i bet the eggs felt that beating

  6. Pretty cool stuff there. I like the grill as well.

  7. ive met him before

  8. ???What is that thing in 1:22??Anyway,Awesome Food…Great Guy

  9. that was his dog Haley lol

  10. Its His dog. She goes through the kitchen alot… Sam just almost ran into her

  11. I like to get the exact grill. It look easy to use. What brand of grill are you using?

  12. Nevermind, I figure it out. You were trying to sell the product. It was the aroma grill. LOL

  13. F-Florida – MSG me on MSN. ID is in my profile. D

  14. I love his show, he’s entertaining and keeps things simple and practical.

  15. @B4sk3tdud3 that’s his dog. it makes frequent appearances in the show, and is on the cover of his cook book.

  16. love his show and he surely turnd me into a chef at home quick n easy meals :-)

  17. Damn, I wonder if this guy takes visits. I live like what, 30 minutes from San Diego

  18. @HedgehogStudios1 You can purchase VIP passes to a taping of the show, my mom went and loved it.

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