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Seekh Kebab – Indian Non Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes

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  1. Thank you to two wonderful ladies.

  2. Jeeeez that looks good.

  3. hetal and anuja…. i have been following all of your recipes. i can confidently say that you guys know your cooking. some may say this is not authentic or whatever, but clearly, to me it is. My mom has always made kababs that way. By the way, I am from Thane, Maharashtra. :)

  4. Fabulous, I was making kebabs the other day and was rather thinking how to taste the salt but was not sure if it was healthy to taste it raw but I did put a bit and then spitted it out. So next time I wont taste the raw meat I will just take a guess on the salt. I will try this recipe next time…

  5. Indian cooking makes sense when its the indian people cooking it and presenting it.

  6. maaza nahi aya – you guys have no umph.. gotta fire it up a bit – and how about some confidence!

  7. Mango powder? i have never come across this I wonder if I would be able to find it. Fried onions? Do you just fry onions in hot oil?

  8. You can find mango powder (amchur, amchoor) at your local Indian grocery store. Fried onions are are also available there. They are ready made crisp onions. They are a big time saver, but if you can’t find it, you can saute some onions in oil until brown.

  9. Hetal/Anuja A question I am a vegetarian and i wanted to know if u guys cud make a Vegetarian kebab recipe vid. Moreover wat i substitute boiled mashed potato with meat u used would that help ?

  10. You could substitute potatoes. You can skip the marination part and adding the egg. It would be close to aloo tikkis.

  11. You two are the best aunties:) thanks so so much for all your great advices.

  12. nice recipie

  13. you know, maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like there is this unspoken tension and underlying hostility between the two hosts …

  14. sorry what do you mean by putting the oven on ‘broil; thanks

  15. @farahm07
    “Broil” is a setting on ovens that makes the heat come only from the top. There are usually 2 temp settings associated with broil – high and low.

  16. I love the way you prepared the spices, however this is not really seekh kebab, its more like fried kebab! Seekh kebab MUST be made on the seekh for it to be called seekh kebab. 2 Egg is not really required by adding it you are taking away from the taste. 3. Fried Onions should never be used, cut onions into small pieces dry them out by taking out all moisture out and then mix, anyway i guess different people have different technique. I just like more traditional technique better.

  17. I like to make the Kabobs with pork and tell my Muslim friends? it is lamb. They can’t tell the difference, and they love it!

  18. yyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm

  19. yyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm are use punjabi

  20. @farahm07 In arabic SHAWEE or TAHMEER :)

  21. Hi ladies, what’s the model of coffee grinder you have..I’d like to get one too. i have one attached kind…no fun.

  22. @MrBj2020 : It is a Hamilton Beach. It is very old and infact very, very old and they have stopped making this one and the new replacement is not as good. Hence we are keeping this broken one :)

  23. Im not being rude but this is the worst seekh kebab recipe iv seen! They are just lumps of ground meat fried in oil! Seekh kebabs fried in oil whattt??? AND dried fried onions??? you tell me you couldnt cut up a fresh onion and saute it yourselves? Your supposed to be “chefs”. Not everyone has a Tandoor granted but at least make them look like real seekh kebabs and BBQ them or at worst under the grill. This is lazy cooking. Very poor attempt sorry.

  24. I have been following many of your recipes. Thanks for that Showmethecurry. But why is that the audio level in too low to be audible in ALL your videos. Please improve this.

  25. @ameenkn : Thanks for your feedback and support. This is an old video – we have upgraded our sound and video equipment since then.

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