1. How funny is it that I actually need study for my exam on Thursday! Haha

  2. thats an asian mom? hahaha cool

  3. hahahaha

  4. Haha lol

  5. I am not Asian, but this made me laugh so hard!!! Amazing sense of humour,
    you set it up beautifully, well done.

  6. dude sounds korean LOL

  7. Oh the guilt after the last sentence

  8. The Universe is trying to tell you something xD

  9. Soz ment to say mine r like dis but only African

  10. Omg..that’s what my mum says..LOOL..XD

  11. This sounds like my parents except I’m black…..and I play the clarinet.

  12. Oh its a phone lol

  13. I’ve never heard my korean grandmother say any of this

  14. Yeah, yeah, I see a lot of parents saying the same thing to their children
    here lol It must be the same in the many other Asian countries. Well,
    actually I guess extreme conservative parents in any nation would be like
    this. Sh*t Asian Mothers Say… from the Kitchen… while Doing the Dishes?

  15. What a blessed child I am, I have Korean parents who don’t say like this
    video lol?

  16. You sound like my mom with the piqno thing?

  17. “34? Take it again. 36!”


  18. HAHAHAH “sonnnn, wake up, eat breakfast, practice piano and go to school”?

  19. lol this is like sooo korean?

  20. My whole childhood in 1:50 minutes. God.?

  21. my life?

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