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Sichuan Spicy Sesame Chicken/?????/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

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  1. @o6z9o Thanks! Yes I’m Chinese.

  2. Marry me!

  3. Waitwaitwait.. How is it steamed if it’s submerged in water? o_o

  4. hainanese chicken rice recipe please

  5. @xXAbdulBaqiXx That’s the correct amount of salt to make this Sichuan

  6. you are very pretty.. would you marry me so you can cook to me that
    delicious food? :)

  7. I love yor accent!

  8. @youarefatmia I’m from Yuzhongqu District, my family still lives in
    Jiangbai District now. I always got this ??? at Linjiangmen area, it was so
    delicious! I came to Canada 10 years ago and now I can’t take as much spicy
    as I used to when I was in Chongqing. However Sichuan cuisine is still my
    favourite. I’ll be featuring more Sichuan cuisine (Chongqing dishes) in my

  9. I dont mean to be rude but the chicken dont look cooked

  10. you are cooking americanize chinese food. You can’t find a good Sichuan
    cook in America. You dishes are too simple.

  11. @youarefatmia Cool! Nice to hear someone from Chongqing too. I miss
    Chongqing and haven’t gone back to visit for 4 years now, it must changed
    so much.

  12. what is the chinese name of Sichuan pepper corn? thanks~

  13. @cookwithkelly I’m not in Chongqing either. I’m in the states now. I found
    your cooking so familiar and authentic. Your cooking is exactly like what I
    would eat back home. So I thought you must be from Chongqing. I’m from
    Nan’an District.

  14. @cookwithkelly Nice. I’m from Chongqing too.

  15. 2 the cavity is in where the stomach was so it doesnt really matter

  16. u always say sashimi oil,lol

  17. i have a question, if your steaming the chicken was is it submerged inside
    of the water in the pot?

  18. Hi im continantal chfe

  19. Are you from Chongqing?

  20. i’ve had this.. this is good.

  21. @Autofanatic28 you use 1 tsp salt and cooking wine to rub with the chicken
    when it’s just cooked. The cooking wine will balance out the salt and most
    will still be left on the plate after you are done rubbing. However it’s
    really up to your personal taste and you can add salt as you taste. I
    believe that measuring takes away from the creative, hands-on process of

  22. It’s called Hua Jiao (????

  23. I’d hit it.

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