Some Low Calorie And Vegetarian Recipes To Keep The Taste Buds Tingling

Article by Britney Smith

If you use the proper low calorie and vegetarian recipes, you can create many interesting dishes and thus relish your meals while also covering after the health angle. In fact, it is especially useful when having dinner because that is one meal that people love the most and which they also look forward to the most and it is also that time of the day when the creative juices begin to flow freely.

Health Conscious

For anyone that is health conscious, learning about different low calorie and vegetarian recipes will open many interesting possibilities, especially as there are many textures that you can create for your meals. You can choose between making the texture smooth or creamy, soft or fluffy as well as crunchy or crumbly and of special interest for you would be four different low calorie and vegetarian recipes.

The first low calorie and vegetarian recipes that you must seriously consider learning more about is the Avocado Tantalizer that has smooth and creamy texture in which you need to use a single avocado and some fresh herbs, a bit of honey as well as a cup of yoghurt (low fat) as well as some ricotta. You can add salt to taste and for decorations use herbs as well as glazed cherries and finally, for a bit more zing use some ginger.

The other useful low calorie and vegetarian recipes that you will want to learn is the one called Pineapple Blush in which you use fresh and even canned pineapples, fresh mint, and which will create an appetizing as well healthy meal. Or, you can try out another low calorie and vegetarian recipe that is Glazed Cherries in which you need to stack pineapples with some mint leaf and put some cherries as well and spike the pineapple with a toothpick and serve it cool.

Having whetted your appetite with these entrée low calorie and vegetarian recipes’ creations, you can go ahead and create a main course using another low calorie and vegetarian recipes which is known as Creamy Pasta and which has soft and fluffy texture. You will of course need to use oat-bran pasta, half a cup of mushrooms, a tablespoon of olive oil and half a teaspoon of honey as well as a teaspoon of apple vinegar. In addition, you can put in half a cup of low-fat ricotta, some pressed garlic and fresh and even dried chopped herbs and then add salt to taste.

All that you now need is to cook the pasta till it turns soft and then add mushrooms and drain the creation after which you can the other ingredients and serve the dish warm along with some salad.

To top it all, there are also many low calorie and vegetarian recipes that will help you create a healthy dessert which will keep your taste buds tingling and ensure that you also don’t consume more calories than is recommended to remain healthy.

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