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Southern Chicken Fried Steak and White Gravy

When you’re really in the mood for true Southern Chicken Fried Steak you absolutely must try my recipe. I think you’ll love it.
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  1. Ok, Mr. Scott! My husband is from Lousiana and wanted Chicken Fried Steak. I’ve NEVER MADE IT … found your youtube video and we’re gonna have this tonight! …looks awesome…I’ll let you know how it turns out; you made my day when you were talking about the “mallet with the little pokey things on it” ….I KNEW YOU WERE MY CHICKEN FRIED STEAK COOKING GURU”!


  2. @cookiebretzsmith – how did it turn out?

  3. omg that looks sooooo good..yummy

  4. Thank god I found a good recipe, You can’t get it anywhere in ontario so i’ve been dying in between trips to houston. Can’t wait to make it.

  5. @ScooterSMcGee I made this and damn it was good!!!

  6. i was raised in waco and miss George’s chicken fried steak. of course, no one can top kitok’s oriential fries!!!

  7. why do you not use the drippings from the original frying pan?

  8. @macfint – it would be tasty, and I have done that. But, the recipes I present here are for such a wide variety of folks with varying skill-levels that I think this is the failsafe approach. I find that it can be a challenge for some to control the heat closely enough and the drippings begin to scorch and add a bitter flavor to the gravy.

    By all means, if you have a method you prefer you should do that.

  9. WOW….I am from Waco born and raised…recently moved to Houston…it is a small word.

  10. Good videos!

  11. oh yeah !! Waco,Texas!!

  12. LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for making this easy!

  13. why is it called Chicken Fried steak?

  14. @fournierbru – because it’s steak fried like you would a chicken.

  15. wow… this looks tasty :D

  16. I’m gonna try this one
    I love chicken fried steak

  17. Great recipe!!

  18. Wow that looks very delicious!!!! I wish I had some now!!!!!!!

  19. This is food porn, AWESOME recipe!

  20. It is a staple around our house. Waco, Texas native as well. Thumbs up!

  21. I really enjoy watching your videos and I am 51 years old and still learning new things every day when it comes to cooking. It’s hard to watch these vids, however, and stay on my diet.

  22. Bacon fat Rules! One thing I do is break up a garlic clove into 3 or four chunks and put them in the oil while it’s heating. This not only infuses garlic flavor into the oil, but when the garlic browns and starts sizzling, I know it’s hot enough for the steaks.

  23. nice recipe

  24. Good Job Scott! you are my heroe of the day !

  25. After looking at many recipes for chicken fried steak, I settled on yours. It turned out just tremendously. A recipe anyone one could have success with. Thanks for a clear and simple explanation of the process.

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