Discover how easy it is to make a tofu dish which is really tasty! This dish always gets lots of raves when I prepare it at my cooking classes. It’s also a family favorite in our house. Visit my website at for more recipes, menus, articles and tips.
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  1. I like your recipes and really like the presentation! Great job! I’m used to vegan Indonesian food but I like to learn other vegan cuisines. Thanks!

  2. How can I make the tofu crunch?

  3. I am going to try this one. I have been a vegatarian for 3 months now, this will be my first time trying tofu on my own. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you and yours.

  4. Woah….nice people on youtube!? Amazing!

  5. I’ve never heard of tofu crunching (though there are many of recipes that crunch that are vegan) BUT I know you can add breading to the tofu… it should give it a more familiar taste texture :)

  6. this will be good along with a movie and a few beers this weekend,,,,,thank you

  7. subscribed! go girl!

  8. Oh! I was already subscribed! …Smart move!

  9. Thanks Nancy, this looks amazing! I used to be really scared of cooking tofu because I completely failed the first time, but now fried tofu is my absolute favorite food to make!

  10. You can tell what most people eat by the way they behave :-p

  11. Tofu is tasty and healthy but Seitan is also nice to cook with….5*

  12. i think its the age rather then the food u eat

  13. Thank you Nancy!

  14. ohhhh( i got 2 try dis)…. iam a cook (a gud one i tnk) so (i hope i dont burn down da house doin it) li’s(laughing nwards)….(no iam ok cook,juz joke)…

  15. Love the “squishing” technique! Definitely beats pressing the tofu with plates and waiting hours for it to drain. Great time saver. Thanks!

  16. Just for the record, tofu is cooked when it is made, so it’s not actually RAW. Other than the static, nice video, and I love your enthusiasm!

  17. I’ve never worked with tofu and this is the first time I’ve heard someone say to freeze it then unthaw it. Does freezing it give it more of a meat like texture?

  18. Yes, freezing it and thawing it gives it a much better texture. I believe it is more meat like – freezing it and thawing it takes away the soft, silky texture and makes it a little more chewy. My kids love it frozen and defrosted and are not fond of it at all right out of the box. You can also remove much more water from it after it has been frozen.

  19. I want to thank you for these! I’m 19, just starting my second year of college and have a stove of my own for the first time. I’ve been an avid vegetarian since I was 17 so these videos have been very helpful in making delicious and healthy dinners!

  20. that was pretty tight!

  21. I just made this dish. It’s pretty good. Thanks for the video.

  22. how does tofu taste never tasted it :)


  24. Looks good, and you have a nice manner on camera! :o)

  25. Looks good I will try it

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