1. Gosh i just love how all the older people have the better recipes. :/ i wish my grandma wasnt crazy…

  2. @werewolficd
    :S No… a ‘biscuit’ means something very different overseas than it does in the states. I was just interested in what exactly a ‘biscuit’ in the states was. Seems you’re a mite hypersensitive about race man. NOWHERE did I mention anything about race.

    scones are also consumed by Australians, English, South Africans.etc and it’s basically just a biscuit cut smaller & taller made with butter instead of vegetable shortening, which is why I mentioned the similarities as I was surprised

  3. @InnuendoXP Not sensitive at all. And it’s funny how the people you named who eat them are still considered white people. Yes, even south Africa, which was taken over by white people as well. Oh, and yeah. a scone is a british quick bread invented in Scotland. It does have to do with race, no matter how much you don’t want to admit it. Different races eat different kinds of food.

  4. @werewolficd You asked what a biscuit is in America, but America is a great melting pot. We have people of all races living here, so a biscuit to an American will be different depending on who you ask, and where they are from.

  5. @werewolficd
    also majority population in South Africa are various ‘black’ ethnicities, since 1994 it has been a democratically run country and they’re taking baby steps towards national unification as the population are gradually becoming educated and the middle classes are growing with people of all ethnicities. People with your mindset are getting in the way

  6. @InnuendoXP People with my mindset? Last time I checked, I wasn’t the one who invaded Africa, stole Africans from their homes, and forced them to work in a plantation to pick cotton, and whatever the hell else white people were too fat, and lazy to do. They did the same exact shit to the native americans as well, and even today, racism still exists. Don’t give me that shit about ‘black’ not being a race, or ‘white’ not being a race. In reality, it is all about skin color. White people started

  7. all of this shit. They are the reason why there is such a rift in between the various nationalities and peoples of this world, but mostly of America at the moment. I find it ironic that the early settlers left England because they didn’t like the dictatorship rule they were under, but as soon as they got to the ‘New World’ they did the same exact shit to the people who lived there, and people who were nowhere near. And the French…They were even worse to slaves than the Americans.

  8. @InnuendoXP The French turned 4 times more Africans into slaves than the Americans did, and treated them far more harshly. They even kept on slaving legally far after the rest of Europe had given it up. They only abolished slavery after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, but only because they feared slave uprisings. But then again, you aren’t French, are you? Color has everything to do with everything, and if you say that it doesn’t, then you are sadly mistaken.

  9. @werewolficd
    Last time I checked I never invaded africa, stole anyone from their homes or forced anyone to work either. But I do see you being racist. And hey just because you have problems in the states, don’t try imagining that they apply everywhere. I’m an Australian, we were Irish political prisoners who were sent here to do slave labour half our lives because we spread ideas that threatened the establishment. Or rather, we weren’t. Our ancestors were. You’re full of shit, pull your head in

  10. @werewolficd
    But may I ask again… WHY IN THE HELL are you bringing up COLOUR in the comments section of a video about cooking!?? I said ‘American’
    To 100% of the world outside USA, it means a citizen of the USA. That is their nationality. A person born and raised in Ireland is Irish. A person born and raised in Australia is Australian. Racism will be a problem so long as people treat eachother differently based on race, which is exactly what you are doing.

  11. @InnuendoXP Open your eyes, friend. Everyone is racist to some degree. I personally find racism funny, and can laugh about it, but the facts are the facts. You can’t change the past. The only thing that we can change is the future. It’s ignorant to pretend that it doesn’t happen. This convo started about biscuits, in which you assumed that all Americans eat scones, and they don’t. There are many races in America, who all eat different things. If that makes me racist, then I guess I am.

  12. @InnuendoXP America is a great melting pot. We have many different races, many different nationalities, many different religions that all live within America. Yes, they are Americans, but they are also Mexican, Bosnian, African, Irish, German, and so on and so forth. They’ve all bought their own ideals, own recipes, and own ways of life. They own have their own way of doing things, but they are still Americans. Don’t try to lump them all together like we are all the same people. We aren’t.

  13. @InnuendoXP I am racist. I think stereotypes are funny, but I don’t allow my thoughts to affect my actions towards other people. I judge people by their own actions. Hell, at least I’m honest enough to admit that I am racist, but you know what? Me being racist has never caused a problem for anyone, or any group of people. Yes, I say ‘group’ to try and appease you, since there are no ‘races’ to you. Oh, and just to keep everything even. I am Black a.k.a. African American.

  14. @InnuendoXP And actually, Australians did have slaves, even if it was temporary. They enslaved the Kanakas who were brought from the Pacific Islands to cut sugar cane in North Queensland.

  15. @werewolficd
    recognising peoples differences =/= racism
    discriminating treatment based on race. Positive OR negative = racism.
    Hmmm, well so far as I know, ‘black’ could be anyone from a Zulu to an Aboriginal to a Jamaican thus it is a colour not a race.
    Stereotypes exist for a reason, they exist somewhere. Hence the jokes. It’s a problem when you make someone a lesser human on that basis.

  16. @werewolficd
    Did you know slavery is still practiced in many countries around the world?
    So how ’bout we get over our shitty history and address the problems of today before tomorrows shitty history creates new conflict elsewhere?
    Also… a scone is a scone no matter who is eating it.

  17. @InnuendoXP You are right. If you treat someone as less than human, then it is a problem. The thing is, I don’t do that. Yes, I do recognize people’s differences, and yes, I do think some of them are funny as hell, but no, I don’t judge people by their skin color, but rather by the content of their character. You said not to call everyone racist, because some people don’t do that, but it’s not true. Everyone has preconceptions about other races from what they’ve heard, and seen.

  18. @InnuendoXP That’s not the point. The point that I am trying to make is that America is filled with diversity. Different people, different ideals, different cultures, and different ways of making food. You attempted to lump all Americans together, saying that to us, a biscuit would be a scone, and that’s not true. And then you bring up this whole thing about being racist, when your mistaken preconception is what caused this argument.

  19. @werewolficd
    America is filled with diversity? yeah, them and just about every other developed nation these days.
    Seriously. You’re nowhere near being the only melting pot. But there was something you didn’t answer, if there is diversity in the American biscuits could you give me some other examples of American biscuits that are significantly different to this… ‘this’ being combined SR Flour & fat, mixed down with some milk & baked… similar in method to making a scone.

  20. Ummmm I thought this was about biscuits lol.

  21. All this riff raff over some homemade biscuits! LOL! I love how she makes biscuits. That is how my mom and grand mothers made them. They used to use lard instead of shortening and would just melt in your mouth. I love this lady and her sweet, southern accent.

  22. Yes ma’am you better make them busicuits! Now you need some gravy! So many people say you have to measure when baking-well you no when making huge quanitys like for a reastaurant, but at home when you make the same recipe over and over its just easier to eye ball and go by feel.

  23. Biscuits are upside down to keep the bottom crispy………..

  24. This is TOTALLY OLD SCHOOL!!…Just the way it should be. I LOVE IT! Thanks for this video. Of course I’ll use “Unbleached Flour” and Natural Shortning. ” You go Granny!!”

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