1. thanks i also want to question the same as i read if there is no wine at
    all to substitute because in hongkong there is he chinese cooking wine that
    just can buy anywhere but here in phil. hard to find now i can serve thiis
    food to my family thank you thank you?

  2. Love this. I would add 1 crushed garlic (since I love garlic). My daughter
    loves chicken like this.?

  3. woooow that looks so yummy thanks for te tip muaaaaaah?

  4. Thank you for posting this think I might try this recipe as it looks
    absolutely delicious, just hope I don’t botch it up on the execution lol?

  5. love it,?

  6. Looks so good and easy to do
    Thk you?

  7. Hi Ling. I love your channel. I was just wondering what is the difference
    between Dark Soy Sauce and Light Soy Sauce? Can I just use dark soy sauce
    only for the chicken wings??

  8. im making this but with tofu. ill check back later with how it turns out!?

  9. I am going to try this soya sauce chicken wings to night.?

  10. Please have your video person show you as you are cooking, I just have to
    see you as well as hearing your beautiful voice. Thanks again for your
    great recipes.?

  11. looks good?

  12. love your recipes,we dont use wine can add other some thing?? Thanks a

  13. Wish i had a wife that could make food like you seriously…?

  14. Maryann Wood 11/7/14 loved the taste and texture. 5 star recipe *****?

  15. Great recipes… and the most beautiful voice on the internet… or
    anywhere else for that matter.?

  16. have to try this, looks delicious!?

  17. Love your recipe?

  18. Very nice the way her cooking! Clean and delicious!!!!!?

  19. Hmmm tasty.?

  20. Making this right now..hope it turns out well:)?

  21. What is that style plate called?

  22. Woah. Good stuff! I gotta try this. I’m a rookie though, so wish me luck.
    :D I’ll check back later if I’m still alive.?

  23. Looks delicious, my mom does a similar marinade, but she cooks the wings in
    the oven:) ?

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