1. I bet this would taste closer to authentic (i.e., Buffalo wings) if you’d try Frank’s Red Hot Sauce! YUM!!

  2. wow!! thats an awesome idea!!!! very smart!!!

  3. they look amazing dani! so glad to see you making vids again! :D

  4. ummm. you are making me hungry :) please come and cook at my super bowl party,,,,lol

  5. ‘Franks’ is great – but this is Dani’s favorite hot sauce.

  6. Delish.

  7. My Hubby is going to love these!! Thanks :)

  8. Nice. I’m going to try these over the weekend. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  9. is she expectin?

  10. She is preggers! or her food isn’t so healthy after all…

  11. There was a similar recipe on the food network but Big Daddy used a rotisserie chicken instead and fried them. OMG it looked so good!

  12. Oh Dani, you just gave me some great ideas!
    I’ll modify the recipe to match what’s on hand,
    but am making this!!! Thanks!

    Oh and, looking good. ;)

  13. great recipe thanks! congratulations on the baby! hope your pregnancy experience is blessed and full of joy

  14. awesome thank you !!!!!

  15. u and ur recipes are simply awesome!! thanks

  16. thanks !!! great recipe

  17. wow!!!!!! that is an amazing recipe…yummmy, cant wait to try!!

  18. Awesome, can’t wait to try this recipe.

  19. like ur recipes :]


    Your a great host !

  21. SUPER RECEPI!!! good idea…

  22. Dani Spies is a goddess

  23. Very nice and easy recipy, how hot oven need to be?

  24. Yum Yum from England

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