1. I remember the last time I had Thai food. So there I was, eating my dog,
    thinking of ways to hide the body, when I got hit by a car. Long story
    short, Bus Drivers are extremely thorough lovers.

  2. would have been better if the peroson who was sitting next to you could be
    quiet. no offence though.

  3. This guy is great!

  4. Just saw him at Yuk Yuks in Toronto a couple nights ago. He was hilarious.

  5. Haha.. I remember Chris was at a few parties we had back in high school
    (early 90’s. ) I remember this (and his name) because he was funny as hell
    then too. If I remember correctly.. one of his major influences is Howie
    Mandel. He would tell jokes in the “Bobby” voice and have everyone in
    stitches. Not surprised he is a pro now.

  6. Hmmm… Super Funny i like it !

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