1. Thanks so much..ur wonderful!

  2. Lovely…I could nearly taste those steaks!

  3. awesome!!!

  4. I like your accent.

  5. you dont say how much of each ingredient we need…useless….

  6. tusker…..

  7. nice shorts

  8. Why would you sere that steak?..it prevents the flavors from penetrating the meat…tisk tisk what a shame. take the same sauce and marinade the “raw” steak over night then grill the steak while brushing the sauce onto the steak with every flip… My brother is a chef and he wanted my recipe for his restraunt…..I told him it’s a easy recipe it’s the preparation thats the kicker as any good chef knows

  9. what? no marination (is that even a word? im nt sure)? i though you should always always marinate steak before cooking….

  10. I don’t know enough to say whether this is the best way to make steak teriyaki or not, but it looks appetizing to me. Thanks. I think I’ll try that one.

  11. what are the ingredients needed ?

    Sugar ! oki
    Sake ! oki
    Soja Sauce ? (black sauce)
    White wine ? (the yellow sauce)

  12. Looks inviting but what a waste of time! You never SEAL meat BEFORE you marinade it. What a jerk . . .

  13. 90 seconds each side? you might as well cut it right off the cow and serve it with the teriyaki. This would be perfect… if you wre a vampire.

  14. xD he cooked it a second time on the suace

  15. Steak Teriyaki

    2 Sirloin Steaks season black with black pepper. Into a extremely hot pan
    with grape seed oil -not olive oil. Cook steaks 90 seconds each side remove and allow to rest.

    Sugar (all ingredients appear to be roughly ½ cup) caramelize 20 seconds in hot pan. Add Sake and flambé. Add Mirin ( rice wine) and 1 cup Soya sauce, reduce two thirds. Replace steaks and coat with sauce cook until medium rare. Slice against grain.

    Steak Teriyaki Done!

  16. what happend to your hair

  17. Nice work, we liked your video very much so we embedded it on ChefCommons . com w/ link back and reference to Youtube. (Let us know if you don’t wish for it to be featured)

  18. Not white wine…It is Mirin

  19. way too much soy sauce

  20. its better if u use mirin! its much sweeter!

  21. beef cook vry fast it isnt pork or chicken or duck or lamp dwanem

  22. He looks like he needs to take a piss. Really bad.

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