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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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  1. I don’t know if I was just tired but that last comment came out weird and incomplete in spots. I meant to say I’ve only liked sour, beet, or lazy style but I’ll give this style a try. K good…bedtime now.

  2. why??? Why are you doing something you don’t know how to do??? WHY???
    I am from the country where that dish is some of the national dishes???
    And watching you is i don’t know…
    First you are using wrong cabbage, second, wrong meat… Wrong tehnique of preparation, everithing is wrong… Don’t do that, if you don’t know how to do… Please…

  3. @Todachef Just because you come from the country the dish originates from does not mean the recipe he is using is wrong. Its called food and there are many ways to make a dish to certain tastes. If you think it is wrong make your own video so we can see the REAL way to make it. Sometimes you gotta use what is available to you.Don’t criticize which you are not willing to do yourself.

  4. You should use pickled cabbage, and mix rice with the meat, and you’ll get a traditional Bosnian dish originated from Turkey called SARMA…

  5. this os polish dish called go??bki cabbage rolls with rice and meet

  6. It would have been nice to see the rolls at the end cut in half to see what the filling look like once cooked. but nice winter dish.

  7. @shaggs2riches I agree with you. good on you for saying so.

  8. Excellent. Very well presented video. I cook stuffed Cabbage Rolls too using different ingredients. But you’ve shown me how prepare the cabbage leaves and more importantly how to roll them. Great work thank you

  9. chopped tomada. nice

  10. works best with sour cabbages.

  11. @Todachef You are so stupid. Stuffed cabbage comes from many different countries with many different recipes. Our Hungarian stuffed cabbage is made with sauerkraut and different spices in the filling and no tomato sauce. This version is more similar to the one they make in Poland.

  12. lovely((:

  13. instead of rolling i make soup with all ingrediants but chop cabbaged instead of rolling also tomatoes

  14. First of all, you naysayers who are complaining about how it’s not authentic, most of the prized American dishes came from immigrants who came to this country and used what they had on hand. Everyone’s grandma or great grandma has a different version of this dish. Just because his version differs from yours, there is no reason to be negative. I’m sure not everyone would like yours, as taste is subjective. Get over yourself, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, just shut the hell up and k

  15. @Todachef stuffed cabbage rolls are traditional all over eastern europe and each country cooks it differently

  16. @streeTkiDwannaBe in S-E europe we use sour cabbage, its healthy and makes it easier to eat, this is the first time I see cabbage prepared this way

  17. lol why does the video have “sex” in tags

  18. @ziledevara1 Have you never heard of the sex position “cabbage roll” ? It’s …pungent!

  19. *looks at the videos on the right* woow I didn’t know that these are that popular abroad :D not only Chef John, but even expertvillage ;p if it wasn’t said before – these are called “little pidgeons” in my country, i kave no idea why… thanks for sharing :D

  20. @shaggs2riches Awesome, thanks for sharing this, I will give this a try.

  21. very good recipe. no hungarian paprika?

  22. Hiya, To help with your pronunciation, most of us in England just call it Worcester Sauce, pronounced “Wooster”, we don’t bother with the “Shire” :)

  23. the way we do it is
    2 shares meat to one share rice ( sushi rice works better )
    salt , pepper and garlic . thats it for the stuffing
    and we do it less thick than this , that way it cooks better and faster

  24. Hi, looks delicious. But it’s only me, how can I cut this recipe in 1/2? Please advise.
    Can it be done on a slow cooker?

  25. hungarian food ,nyamm nyamm :P

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