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Sweet Potato-Black Bean Chili Recipe

For January, a Carribean-influenced one-pot meal that is warm and wonderful! Video on making homemade stock from veggie scraps:…

  1. can’t wait to try it ! i thin i actually have everything to make it
    tonight! let’s see if i can talk my husband into it!

  2. Loved this!! You always make the best looking meals and now we can too!
    Looks delicious…I will def be trying this one out :)

  3. Looks great, will have to try it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Yum! I think you did a great job:)

  5. Great recipe!! Where did you get that awesome peeler? I would love to see
    more recipe videos for sure!!

  6. I will be making this very soon!!

  7. So excited to see this and try it! I just pinned something similar on
    Pinterest so this is wonderful!

  8. mmmmm i am considering wrapping this in a tortilla.

  9. Looks good

  10. I love your veggie stock tip!!

  11. Looks delicious! Also, I have to pick up one of those sweet potato peelers!
    It looks like it makes it so much easier than traditional peelers. :)

  12. I am definitely going to have to try this! Do you think it would turn out
    alright if I did it in the crockpot? That’s how I usually make my chili.

  13. I’ve never done it, but I think it would work. Let me know if you try it! :)

  14. This was divine. Can’t wait for the next recipe video!

  15. Looks so good. I will be making this! Love this video and look forward to

  16. I made this tonight! It was good! Not our favorite of all time but
    definitely good! I only put in two teaspoons of chili powder instead of the
    full tablespoon and was glad for it. Thanks!

  17. That looks so good – I’m definitely trying it! Looking forward to this new
    series of videos from you!

  18. I just made this and tastes fantastic!! I love that it makes a lot so we
    have plenty of leftovers and also, it’s healthy! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Worth a try! You might need to give the veggies a head start and stir in
    the beans later, though black beans do usually hold up well even when
    cooked for a long time. Let me know how it works if you try it! :)

  20. I know! I definitely figured that out the hard way too. :)

  21. I’ve already made this 3x since you’ve shared this recipe… LOVE IT :) so
    simple and at the same time so healthy and satisfying. Although I add
    ground beef to mine to satisfy my husbands taste buds. I also tried your
    overnight oatmeal idea and i LOVE it as well, turned out really good!!
    Thank you so much for sharing these delicious recipes w/ us…

  22. Hi Katie (and Alice ;)! I love your videos…cooking, pregnancy,
    toddler…all of ’em! Anyway, you mentioned this recipe is part of your
    rotation, which made me wonder, how do you plan your meals each week/month?
    Our menu doesn’t usually follow rhyme or reason and I think we end up
    spending more on groceries this way. I’d love to see a video (or just get a
    response) about menu planning with a tight budget in mind (e.g. does your
    family usually eat the same meals in rotation?). Thanks!

  23. You did a great job I found a recipe like this on Pinterest I have on my
    list of recipes to try but I may switch to this one it looks so good!!!

  24. Does this recipe freeze well if put in a ziploc bag??

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