1. Though I enjoyed your post, I think you spent more time on it than Mark did his sweet potato stir fry.

  2. I would bet that Mark has known some “nasty little ends” and “tough buggers” in his life.

  3. you guys shud see my bros sweet potato an nutmeg hotpot it blows this shite outta the water…..

  4. No salt, Mark? Hmmmmm….

  5. That is a YAM,. NOT a SWEET POTATO !!!

  6. Please! Tell me how to tell the difference. I think that I’m only seeing one item at every store.

  7. STOP! XD

  8. it’s a sweet potato. Real yams are totally different.

  9. No, actually this is not a Yam.

  10. I guess you don’t know the difference, or just won’t admit it.

  11. Yes, I guess you don’t know the difference and and just won’t admit it.

  12. For the record, yams do not have orange flesh nor are they as sweet as sweet potatoes. Orange sweet potatoes received the ‘yam’ appellation as a combination of slave culture(who might have been familiar with african yams) and marketing(look at these new orange yams!)

  13. Sadly, the point of the video was missed entirely. This is an amazing recipe and will make sweet potato (or yam) lovers out of haters. The taste is unlike anything typically served for holiday meals.

    This is one of my all-time favorite recipes and my sweet potato/yam-hating family loves it. I can never make enough.

  14. This is a great recipe. I used basil from a spice jar instead of sage, ‘cuz hey, nothing else around, and it was incredible.

    To the crazies down below talking about yams, American grocers often call sweet potatoes “yams.” A yam, in the correct sense, is a big-ass poisonous tuber that keeps for long periods of time… staple food in Africa… you have to cook it to remove the poison. Those “garnet yams” in your local supermarket are sweet potatoes.

  15. *ahem* nut butter, hehehe. XD

  16. isnt dat a yam?

  17. Yup its a yam… Its amazing how many americans call yams sweet potatoes, so what do u guys call the actual sweet potatoes? (the ones with the purpleish skin and whiter insides)

  18. Mm… I love sweet potatoes! Nice recipe, although the amount of butter would make it a tad too rich for my liking.

    And with regards to the yam-or-sweet potato confusion amongst some of the responders: the internet is at your fingertips. Go eradicate your ignorance!! This tuber with the yellow-orange flesh is a sweet potato, and NOT a yam.

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  20. nice simple recipe, thanks for posting! I sent a video of a simple sweet potato dish I make that’s healthy & vegan. Also – yams generally aren’t sold in North America, although the signs always call the orange sweet potatoes yams – these are for sure sweet potatoes! ;)

  21. @absref71 you are confused

  22. @fleebenworth google images, have a look

  23. @absref71 Yams are from Africa and much larger than sweet potatoes. Also they tend to be white or purple as opposed to orange.

  24. that looks tasty

  25. I want to get a food processor that can handle that without spending more than I need to. Some of the mini ones like Cuisinart DLC-4CHB – it’s a best seller on Amazon for $50 but I’m worried it wouldn’t be able to handle the potato. Anybody recommend any particular models?

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