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Taking Steps to Save Money on Your Next Ba Shower

Taking Steps to Save Money on Your Next Ba Shower

Article by catwomanseven

In a time where every penny counts and saving money is paramount, there is nothing more terrifying then having to plan a party. I’m sure it’s happened to everyone of us since the economic downturn: just when you have found a way to cut your budget down and save just enough money for that much needed new appliance for your kitchen or break- job for your car, someone comes up with the wonderful idea of having a get together at your place. They ask really nicely and swear it will only be a few people, but regardless of their assurances you can only envision a bunch of money being flushed down a toilet.

You can’t say no. I mean you could, but if your best friend needs a baby shower and your place is the most ideal location, you can’t look into those puppy dog eyes and say no. No, it’s now your responsibility to not only get the food and drinks, but also purchase baby shower favors, games and decorations to make sure the occasion is properly festive.

Fortunately, for both your sanity and your pocket book, there are ways to make a get together like a baby shower not only cost effective but also supremely fun. You just have to be willing to put in a little more leg work and prep time, but if you’re looking to save money it will be more then worth it.First of all: skip the catering. I know, I know: catering is easy. Let someone else worry about it. The problem is, catering is also expensive. If you have a specialty that you love to cook think about cooking it in bulk for the party. Know a great recipe for enchiladas that you’re sure everyone will love? Make a hundred of them and serve them with beans and rice for your meal.

If you are really pressed for time and want to go the catering route, skip the professional catering services and get catering services from places like PF Chang’s or Claim Jumpers. They are usually reasonably priced for their services.

For the actual baby shower supplies such as the decorations, games and favors, your best bet would be to do a little looking around to find the lowest prices possible. If your internet savvy (and have time to wait on shipping) you should try looking at websites like or to compare and contrast prices. You can usually find amazing deals (up to 80% off) at some of these overstock sites, though be wary of shipping costs which can cost more than the actual products.

If you would rather buy the products in person, try looking at places like Target, Wal-Mart or K-Mart, as these big box stores have started offering high quality party supplies at great prices. Smaller boutiques can offer a better selection (and sometimes a better quality) but they can also cost a lot more.

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