1. this is nice lee since i have been getting into the healthy life its been a pain finding new recipe’s that are any good, im sick of just my basic steak or chicken breast meal please make more food videos

  2. @leemhayward more like 20,000 including me. Thanks for your time

  3. LEE next time when u are showing nutrition stuff put and title “cooking with BB LEE” so its like a series

  4. @hellasking69 yea cos everyone knows competitive bodybuilders are fat lol

  5. Just tried this Lee and I must say this has amazing taste… This is my new favorite!

  6. @MUFFUM are you serious? Try it and I’m sure you will love it.

  7. @buckwheat40 actually the 0% fat plain yogurt tastes practically the same as low fat sour cream. I just made this and it tasted phenomenal.

  8. @EASTBOUNDTOWN14 what a jackass comment you just made EASTBOUNDTOWN14. I guess your racist against white people eh?

  9. @Johnnysturgis the whole idea was to make a different meal rather than just the usual. Canned Veggies, no thanks I’ll keep taking my Greens Plus with my morning and night time protein shakes.

  10. @kelvinyany Run hot water to chase the grease down the pipe for a while and you won’t have a problem.

  11. @SOEIROMARCONE make smaller portions… I learned this myself when I made this. I didn’t even think of it LOL

  12. @SzuwarMrT dude, it’s not a rubik’s cube… That’s why you take supplements in addition to eating well to balance everything out.

  13. I thought I detected a possible Newfie accent :D Had to look at your porfile. Still live back home on the island?

  14. Cooking with Lee Hayward!!! AWESOME!!!

  15. do you have a bit of irish in you?

  16. Lee your best ! I got lot of information from your channel . You are best , i have evrything from ur channel like workouts , diet , pre or post nutrition , whatever…..thanks for help.

  17. Approx how much fat does chicken and beef contain ?

    It depends on the cut of meat and how it’s prepared. You can go to CalorieKing*com to get the nutritional info for different foods.

  19. hahaha, u didnt drain your meat. lol

  20. good recipe just ot done eating it loved it man will be making more of your others!!!!

  21. those chips arent healthy just cuz theyre low on fat. but i guess the keyword here is “treat” i’m sure he doesnt eat these everyday :)

  22. Chicken breast is a good low fat option for the meat also.

  23. Gosh! DO NOT watch this video if you’re waiting for your food to be delivered or made. This made me extremely HUNGRY! :(… even after watching this whole vid and typing this comment, my food still isn’t here D:

  24. I just found my new cheat day meal treat. I get close to killing after cutting cheese from my diet!

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