Teenagers And The Vegetarian Choice

Article by Brian Pitt

The teen years are filled with many changes and challenges. This is a popular time for choosing to be vegetarian. Teenagers are becoming aware of their body’s and of their environment because of the many avenues of exploration and information open to teens through family, school and the community. They are old enough now to be aware of the connection between values and actions. Many decide that killing animals and using them for their skin or meat is cruel and the choice to become a vegetarian is made. This choice can sometimes be difficult for family or friends to understand and to respect. Often times when information is made available to both the teen, their family and their friends concerning the dietary needs of the vegetarian it becomes easier to understand and accept their decision.Teens often choose to follow a vegetarian diet because they believe in striving for a cleaner more compassionate world and see following the vegetarian diet as something that they can do to forward those goals. They feel that the food choices they make is within their control in a world that otherwise seems out of control to them.

Another thing to consider when deciding what type of diet you wish to follow is the amount of pesticides that are present in foods. Approximately ninety four percent of all of the chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides such as DDT that are consumed by humans can be attributed to a diet containing eggs, meat, and dairy products. These same pesticides have been shown to increase sterility in males, and the male sperm count in the United States has decreased over thirty percent in the past thirty years

Eating Meat like Dessert
Some meats, especially skinless chicken breasts or nearly any cut of turkey, are low in fat and still contain complete proteins. If you have become a vegetarian for health reasons, you may want to consider continuing to eat meat occasionally. Because your body can use meat so efficiently and because there are meat options that do not include high amounts of fat or cholesterol, meat is a smart nutrition option. Avoiding eating meat at every meal, or even every day will suit your vegetarian diet well. If you eat meat on occasion, in the same way that you eat dessert, the benefits could be huge. You could gain all of the nutrition that meat has to offer without flooding your system with the foods that are less healthy for you. By eating your complete proteins as meat instead of other higher fat animal products, you will be enjoying the benefits of a truly balanced and nutritious diet.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you have to avoid all meat all the time. Meat is still a nutritious food. You also may occasionally want to eat meat on special occasions. A few bites of steak every month or two will probably be better for you than avoiding meat all the time. You will receive better nutrition and you will feel less deprived of the meats that you once enjoyed every day. To get the best health benefits from the world of the vegetarian as well as the world of the non vegetarian, try being a vegetarian most of the time.

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