1. Great video mark nice cooking?

  2. YOU MUST! tear basil leaves before add it because they’ll give you more
    smell.. form some thai people…?

  3. hey mark i just saw you on my local show in singapore. Your a guest with
    with few others to be a judge on a cooking show ;D nice hair lol?

  4. So much easier to follow than most other cooking tutorials on YouTube! You
    definitely need to make more of these. ?

  5. Keep up the great work Mark, thanks for improving our lives one recipe at a
    time ! ?

  6. Miss Thailand u make me hungry !!?

  7. I like when he makes the gesture at 03:34, it is very strange and funny,
    but not bad it’s like a child having his favourite candy. he does it in his
    all videos. lol?

  8. Loved it! One of my favorite dishes, thanks for sharing :)?

  9. Wow! Now you’re a cook! Ha ha! The photos on your website are also simply
    beautiful! Now I’m hungry!?

  10. “The only reason i cook of course to eat” xD.?

  11. My f##ing mouth is watering! Gonna definitely cook this for the little
    woman. Awesome video, u make it look so easy!?

  12. Hello Mark! I am chuffed to know that there’ll be more recipe videos! I’m
    gonna try this very soon but a question, our family have basil plant but it
    isn’t thai basil…will that do?? I just got back from Jogjakarta for a
    well deserved holiday with my friends (ate too much delicious cheap good
    food!!!!!!! and surviving earthquake!) and told my mates about your travel
    food videos! We got really hungry just by looking at you eating all those
    food. Keep up the great job (both you and the mrs)!?

  13. Ohhhhhh yum! Mark, I cannot finish my homework because the dish is so
    distracting! LOL!?

  14. I didn’t know you cooked too! I can’t wait to try this but unsure if we can
    get holy basil in the UK. I think it’s just normal basil in our shops here.

  15. Thanks for this Mark! You should do this more often whenever you have the

  16. Seems like Asian food is healthier than American food do you agree Mark??

  17. That is look so delicious! I’m gonna try your recipe. thanks for sharing
    with us. :)?

  18. That must be extremely flavourful +Mark Wiens & delicious! Great video.?

  19. Haven’t watched the videos for a while, didn’t realize I missed that face
    you make :P?

  20. Awesome that you’re cooking for us now Mark! Save a plate for me. :-D?

  21. So you basically ate the mum and the baby all at once !!!!??

  22. Mark, it is good to see you cooking! ?

  23. Do the egg last next time?

  24. I have visited bangkok many many times but besides clubbing and hanging out
    with friends, I have not done much. But this year in the month of May i
    want to do things differently, like going for Thai cooking classes. If you
    know some one who you could recommend, or if it is you for that matter who
    could teach some ez thai cooking and exploring new places in Bangkok, that
    would be helpful. reply plzzz ?

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