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Thai Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand John and Cara spent 5 days taking Thai cooking classes. It was one of the best experiences of the entire trip. They learned to …
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  1. omg looks like a lot of fun, i need to do something like that

  2. oh my god sooooooooooooooo many time for explaining at all.
    wondering what is the price per person?

  3. Nice vid. Have you got cooking school address or website?

  4. I took one of these classes with a friend when we visited Thailand in 2003.
    It was great fun, and Chaing Mai rocks!

  5. humm..yum.yum..i wants some of that tom.yum.

  6. I’ll come to eat! That stuff looks delicious! And I think Cara’s flower
    looks nicer >.>

  7. It’s spelled CHIANG Mai.

  8. Yum! the pad thai dish looks good!

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