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Thai Food Green Chicken Curry Dim and Cathy Geefay prepare a favorite curry dish.

  1. Thai green curry does not have bamboo or corn in it. It does have baby
    aubergines in it though which were omitted. I have watched a few of this
    users videos and none of them are authentic.

  2. Thanks for putting out another vid. It’s been awhile. Thanks…looks yummy!!

  3. Super!!! Thank You very much!

  4. Yummy! Thai Green Curry is my favorite but I usually eat it with steamed
    jasmine rice.

  5. Wow! A new recipe! Keep up the good work. I love mama Fay!!!!!!!

  6. Seems like the daughter is eating too much.. I would to if my mother cook
    all that good shit

  7. I love how you guys explain EVERYTHING! You guys are great teachers!

  8. Very informative

  9. first to comment ;) lovee being part thai haha

  10. her daughter doesn’t seem so happy to be there or just really nervous. the
    food looks so good and easy to make. i’ve noticed that about thai food. i’m
    excited to make it.

  11. wow its been so long since your last video! but i had you subscribed. :P

  12. Thai food! thank you for up load these vids. I’m trying to cook Thai food!~

  13. Please make a video of how to make curry paste. Big fan of your videos!

  14. Your mom seems so sweet and such a patient teacher!

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