1. wow,that bald freak has a thai bride/whore!

  2. didn’t she use any salt?

  3. @mpetty0226 He he he Mike your funy. you knows what happening after lol.

  4. @backintack Thank you !!

  5. @da959 Thank you for watching my video.I will use less garlic next time!!!!

  6. Yeah, thats one of my favorite Thai dishes, along with the pot prik kink
    pork and string beans. Good job Thom. You better make some salad dishes, or
    my brothers won’t be able to move around any more for their’ RC Foam
    Fighter video’s heh heh heh.

  7. @TPcookingandcrafts Haha! I appreciate you taking the time to make these
    videos as well! (Thom too!)

  8. Will be cooking this dish. Looks outstanding!

  9. looks good

  10. That look delicious, now i understand why most people in Thailand have a
    inside and outside kitchen.

  11. Mmmm this looks SO good! I’m getting so hungry!

  12. Do you use less time in the oil if using sliced pork chops or butterfly

  13. @NVSandMan Thanks for watching.I was got mortar and pestle at the Asia

  14. I think Thom needs to be more aggressive and talk more – I just love her
    accent. This video is awesome, thanks for directing me to it, I will be
    trying all of these cooking styles! J

  15. I thought the meat wud b delicious.I really wanna try it.but is the salt
    added to wat u r eating or v dont add salt to it?

  16. Sawaa de Ka. This looks delicious. Can you cook for me? My Thai mom can
    hardly do it anymore these days :D.

  17. @pagani8 I was so hungry too and you can tell Frank got the big eyes on my
    food lol. Thank you for watching.

  18. What, Is that Frank from PMC Production? Purcell Mfg? Sacramento?.

  19. I have that shirt!

  20. @jebb143 Thank you for watching me and Thank you RCFoamFighter to bringing
    you here.

  21. That looks really good! I’d have to use less garlic though. I really like
    garlic,but it usually doesn’t like me to well. Anything served with rice is
    always good too since I love rice. And,it’s always fun to learn how to cook
    new things.

  22. Great recipe!!! Where did you get your mortar and pestle? Thanks for

  23. now that is how you’re supposed to cook pork!

  24. Looks yummy can’t wait to try this recipe!

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