1. in cambodia they have a dish like that

  2. Anyone can made Pad Thai But how to made it delicious is harder

  3. Just eat. Stop analysing the content.

  4. Thanks to Luang Phibunsongkhram who adapted this national dish made way
    better at vietnamese restaurant stire fried noodle, once I tried vietnamese
    dish I probably loved Thai style more

  5. The pad thai at the restaurants here, are just a ton more noodles. Probably
    my favorite food of all time.

  6. Not helpful at all.

  7. hahaha my mom have the exact same accent

  8. good job

  9. it can be really different , theres alot of different ways to set it up ,
    things to put in and combo of spices , main thing is the noodles the egg
    and for me the colour. a good pad thai glows red

  10. are you from norway:D?

  11. Yummmmm Pad Thai

  12. There are many ways to make pad thai. By what you put in it some are wet
    and some are hard.


  14. That looks so yummy!

  15. You’re everywhere! Yeap, this is my wife – :)

  16. if you put some lemon on it…like this…it will taste THE BEST! ^^

  17. I like your girlfriend accent!

  18. Those look like woonsen noodles. Pad Thai should be with rice noodles.

  19. i like pad thai there so good

  20. looks good

  21. make me hungry …. :(

  22. Pad Thai is derived from a Chinese dish introduced to Thailand by
    Vietnamese immigrants.

  23. Now thats Pad Thai!

  24. I wanted to see you eat it haha

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