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Thai Food – Pad Thai (Thai Style Stir Fried Noodles)

Thai Food – Thai Cooking – Thai Recipe Pad Thai Gai (Thai Style Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken) In This Video Thom Cooks some Pad Thai, one of the more popu…
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  1. and did you rinse the noodles before you used them?

  2. @TPcookingandcrafts I lived in Austin, Texas and there was the best Thai
    restaurant called “Lemongrass”. They had both Tom-Ka and Tom-Yum and
    everytime I would go I would eat soup before the meal. In fact, I don’t
    remember what else was on the menu because the soup was so good! Thanks for
    posting these videos!

  3. Mmm Aligator eggs! Hey good job again Thom. I’m gonna have to start cooking
    again or maybe hit a Thai restaurant. Keep up the good work you guys.

  4. Excellent, as usual!

  5. WOW she got me turn on

  6. iam making this to nite let u now how it comes out

  7. she reminds me so mutch of my mom, i dont see her very often.. she lives in
    thailand, and i live in denmark :-(

  8. So yummy, I want to try cooking it.

  9. You’re making me hungry! Can I place an order? :-)

  10. @catamaranman333 Thank you for your comment. where did you had Thai foods
    befor? Yes I can make Tom-Yum or Tom-Ka. It going to be my next video.
    Tom-Yum is my favorite food too.

  11. @NVSandMan sorry take so long to reply. we out the town.Pad Thai you can
    served cold it good for picnic. Thanks for watching.

  12. Can Pad Thai be served cold? I was thinking it would be a good cold dish
    for a picnic on a hot summer day… Thanks for sharing !!!

  13. Did you use the whole bag of noodles?

  14. thak u iam going to make u are so cute and me and u are same color we keep
    a tan lol u are my soil sister.

  15. @mpetty0226 Thank for your comment Mike.

  16. Given the economy and inflation, this is so much more economical than going
    to a thai restaurant, and it also tastes a lot better than the best thai
    restaurants (and we have pretty good ones around me). I love to cook these
    fancy dishes with a drink or two in me, and it makes the cooking lot more
    fun. Thanks for the videos. I hope you can do a nice Tom-yum receipe for
    fresh fish, at the next turn.

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever seen noodles that look like those. I think I’ll try
    to find some this weekend.

  18. Pad Thai! The recipes get better and better! Do you have a good recipe for
    either Tom-Yum or Tom-Ka? I can’t even find a Thai restaurant that serves
    it around here and I miss it terribly!

  19. Yummy yummy for sure!… That looks so good!!?

  20. Chicken Pad Thai is my favorite. Thank you for showing me how to make the
    pork pad thai. I will try to find the paste in my local store. I have
    found pad thai nooodles, but I like the ones you used that are the rice
    sticks. I can’t wait to make it now! Thank you!?

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