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Thai Food – Spicy Tofu Salad – TOFU LARB – MASTER VEG

This is one of my favorite Thai Dishes. It is easy to make and not many restaurants have it. It’s also really healthy for you with protein, vitamin C, raw ga…
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  1. add roasted peanuts on top!! yum!!! n so healthy!!! <3 it!!

  2. you are very cute :-) greetings from germany!

  3. You said “…not many restaurants have it”. The reason for that has to do
    with those restaurants being Thai restaurants because larb isn’t a
    traditional Thai dish, which is why not every Thai restaurant serves it.
    However, every Lao restaurant has larb because larb originated in Laos.

  4. Master, do you realize that tofu can mess up your estrogen levels?

  5. Aroy mak mak ?

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