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THAI FOOD Sweet Sticky Rice with Mangos for more Thai cooking video recipes In this episode Dim and Cathy Geefay cook a favorite Thai dessert..Sweet Sticky Rice with …

  1. sweet sticky rice with durian is also delicious

  2. I love Thai food. I cooked Tom Yum soup and Sticky Rice with mango
    yesterday, which were yummy. Thks for the video clips

  3. I like to eat very day at home so yum xD

  4. all the coconut milk i find is solidified in the can….yours is coming out
    like actual milk what gives?

  5. i´m from thailan :3 luv that^^

  6. omg, i love thai food.

  7. hi all i have a question, what is it that she adds on the pot beside the
    salt sugar and other half of tha can or coconut milk?

  8. @Haksaengnim I’d love to try your Philippine version

  9. Thanks so much for this video. I now know how to cook sticky rice in the
    microwave. I first savored this dessert, Khao neow ma muang, in Bangkok in
    1987 and it has remained my favorite since then. And now I can have it
    anytime I want, even here in the USA. Thanks a lot.

  10. this is cool… i been searching on how to cook sticky rice that doesnt
    need to use steamer coz i dont have one…finaly i found your viseo i will
    definitly try this as soon as possible…this loks awesome….thanks to
    both of you….

  11. I live here in Thailand, Sweet rice and mango is my favorite! I also eat
    the green mango on it’s own.

  12. The daughter is sweet but a little bit of an airhead. . .nevertheless, I
    love their videos, I think they are great and really helpful. They had a
    Panang beef recipe vid that I can’t wait to try!

  13. i dont like the way the sticky rice is cook in the microwave i prefer
    steaming it in the bamboo basket ;) good desert should never be cook sooo
    simple in the microwave…. let stick to the authentic way of cooking the
    traditional thai foods. thank u for sharing and dont offended lol

  14. Thank you very helpfullll

  15. o chan chop aroi mag na!.

  16. @nuke1989 Not everyone outside of Thailand has a basket steamer. I
    developed an easy way that everyone can use to cook the rice and enjoy this
    dish. The basket steamer also is more difficult because you have to soak
    the rice overnight before steaming it. Plus you have to keep your eye on
    the steamer while you are cooking the rice. You can’t just set the timer
    like on a microwave

  17. I absolutely love this dish! I still have a problem with cups though, I
    wish it were in gram.

  18. Thank you for the recipe. Can’t wait to try it! Looks delicious!

  19. Thanks !(: ?

  20. This is a simple no nonsense recipe, thank you for making it easy for me!?

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