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[Thai Food] Thick Crunchy Pork Soup (Guay Jub Nam Kon)

[Thai Food] Thick Crunchy Pork Soup (Guay Jub Nam Kon) Noodle with Crunchy Pork Soup is not much different from clear soup noodle with crunchy pork. Just fil…
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  1. The ‘Tai’ tribe (erstwhile known by the Chinese as ‘those barbarians over
    the Yangtse). emigrated to a southern land now known as Thailand. They
    appear to have taken all of the worst of the Chinese, greed. The Chinese
    say laziness too), with none of the best Buddhist tenets – adherent to SE
    Asian Buddhism. All the vegetarian restaurants here are Chinese). The
    Chinese eat everything that moves, but they at least prepare far more meat
    free dishes than the Thai. Why?

  2. Forgot to say, the Chinese introduced pork into the Thai diet. Before that,
    The Thais ate fish, rice and vegetables, and are now paying the price for
    their change in diet. How many ‘old’ Thais now?

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