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Thai Food – Tom Ka Gai (Coconut LemonGrass Chicken Soup)

In this video Thom cooks a tasty Thai soup called “Tom Ka Gai” at the request of catamaranman333. Its a Coconut and Lemon Grass soup with Chicken. Taste grea…

  1. YAY! You have made me a very happy guy! I’m going shopping in the morning
    and eating good tomorrow! Thai chilis are the only thing I’m not sure
    about. Could I use jalapeno instead? Thanks again guys! Now I’m gonna start
    bothering you about your Tom-Yum recipe, Thom!

  2. Gosh! I can’t even watch this right now its making me so hungry! I bought
    some of the paste a while back so I’m set for tomorrow!

  3. My favorite soup. Thank you for sharing!!! It looks easy and you have me
    hungry! And a great video presentation.

  4. Now that I watch again I noticed that from 0:50-1:12 you say that the pouch
    or paste is not necessary if we use all the fresh ingredients, correct?

  5. @catamaranman333 Thank you so much1 Glad you liked the video. You can
    probably use any hot chili you want if you do not have Thai chili’s.
    Jalapenos have a little stronger taste but may still be very good. If you
    try it let me know how it tastes! Good luck! Thom

  6. @99minerkc Thank you so much. I told Paulie he needs to help me make a Cook
    book someday, lol.

  7. Thanks for sharing!! Looks so authentic. I always order this at my favorite
    Thai restaurant and I love to serve it over steamed rice?

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