1. aren’t those the lotus root ? :o

  2. @mrpatrolroll 40 lbs since December. Thanks! I got your miso dip in the
    works. Keep your eyes open.

  3. @RockyBalboa211 those are Thai eggplant.

  4. @72daystar I love Korean food too. Your wife will find the spark that will
    get her inspired to adventure. There’s a world of good food to be had.

  5. I laughed my ass off on the fridge part lol. Loved it lmao!

  6. @stargirlvictoria: It probably is the lotus root. I was talking about the
    little bicycle wheel shaped circles.

  7. This is such a great video, I love the beginning and the recipe is awesome.
    Curry is one of my all time FAVORITE foods, so I will definitely make this

  8. loves me some fried tofu <3

  9. I absolutely love your style and your food is always so delicious! I love
    green curry! Thanks for the recipe J! Muy rico!

  10. What are those little vegetable circles at 4:04 ? They are like little
    circles with little holes in them…

  11. @MrJingjong 40lbs?! Wow. Congratulations! I’m on a diet as well that’s why
    I was asking about the dip so I can eat it for snacks. Thank you : )

  12. I think you lost a lot of weight? I don’t know.. I think it suits you
    though! : D

  13. That looks fu*in awesome. God I miss Thai cuisine! Oh, how I got to get my
    Korean wife to accept there is a different way. I love Korean food, too.
    But they are so nationalist about their cuisine. My wife wanted 2nd rate
    kimchi chigae in Thailand when there was great Thom yeom to be had. I

  14. loved the intro J. bigla akong nagutom.. ang sarap ng hitsura ng curry mo.
    oldo diko gaanong gusto ang amoy ng curry, pero dun sa mga isinahog mo at
    mga seasoning.. wow.. makakadami akong kanin dyan hehe. galing ng
    pagturo/pag demo mo ng pagluto. di nakaka boring, very entertaining. thumbs
    up/fave ko to.

  15. I LOOOOOOOOVE THAI CURRY! I really wanted to know how to make it. I was
    gonna make a video actually. I love indian curry, Japanese curry, and this
    one! Coconuts flavor is really lovely. I remember I ate it a lot when I was
    in Tokyo. You did made me hungry!

  16. Mr Jay I wish you gona be on TV to be the Next FoodNetwork Star in 2010
    would it be Awesome?

  17. great aroma. i swear i smelled it cooking across the border down here!

  18. Looks so mouthwatering!! Thx for this video.

  19. @runnyrunny999 I will do an Indian curry video very soon. I love curry too!

  20. @RockyBalboa211 I think you are refering to the sliced lotus root.

  21. yes they are!

  22. ZOMG YOU HAVE AN IPAD! I love green curry.

  23. This must taste good!!!!

  24. When you do, bring some posters for my bathroom. lol

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