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Thai Pork Stew and Unique Comfort Food (???????????????)

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  1. Hey man, great videos!! i love them all, i have been teaching/traveling in
    Thailand for 2 years. cant get enough of it! keep up the awesome vids

  2. Another great vid mark, def have to try those 3 dishes when im back in a
    few months time

  3. Thanks a lot, glad you were able to visit.

  4. Hey, just a small apartment. I’m in and out so frequently so just a small

  5. Thanks for watching!

  6. hay? man, can u make a video of “how to travel to Bangkok by low cost” ?? I
    wanna learn from u :) cheers

  7. Thank you for watching Marian!

  8. Hey, great to hear you also love Thai food. But I also love Korean food

  9. Ok Jimmy!

  10. Hey Gareth, thanks a lot for watching my videos and great to hear you’re
    coming to Thailand soon. That’s a good idea for a video, will try to do
    something like that. As for ordering, you first say “sawadee krap,” then to
    order you would say “ka (and then insert dish you want like “pad kra pao
    gai kai dao (chicken with basil and a fried egg)”). Hope you have a great

  11. This reminds me of Indonesian foods.

  12. I see you enjoy hot food. One of these days we’ll need to have a spicy Thai
    food eating contest :-)

  13. how do you trust eating in such places? the reason why I am asking is
    because I keep hearing about tourists from Australia, UK, Canada etc keep
    dying from food poising or such things…What is the secret?

  14. Thank you very much, and I’m so glad you enjoy my videos as well!

  15. OMG!! you know better than me man

  16. Thanks a lot for your input, possibly some longer vids in the future!

  17. Thailand so so many delicious dishes with chicken and fish. come and visit
    you will fall in love

  18. You’re right, would make great comfort food when the weather is cool!

  19. how do u stay so skinny? u put away more food than i could possibly do. Do
    u run everywhere u go? or do u only eat big meals on camera?

  20. I want to go to Thaliand now.

  21. Thai stew, and a few unique comfort dishes… watch it now!?

  22. i love Thai food!!!?

  23. THIS IS A COOL IDEA< PLEASE FOLLOW UP THANKS chrisisawseomo3 months ago Hey have you been to singapore if you have can you show me some of the videos, if not can you please go there and show us some of the lovely food there, if not its ok?

  24. Hey Mark.. love your vids, subscribe to my if you can.. I love food too
    lol…… ?

  25. wow, u must be like me…we can eat all we like and never get fat!! lol?

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