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Thai Red Curry Recipe

How to make this delicious creamy spicy Thai red curry recipe. For full recipe and ingredients list, and many other Thai recipes, visit

  1. The most important part, how to make the red curry paste, was left out of this recipe.

  2. @LongWindedUsername you buy it already made from the grocery store

  3. @LongWindedUsername you buy it at a store

  4. You CAN buy it at a store BUT it is to much more authentic and tastey if you make it your self from the finest, freshest ingredients. For some inspiration, view this video about how to make Thai Green curry: [Thaifoodmaster] Thai Green Chicken Curry – How to Make Authentic Version Recipe (I know it is a differant curry but it is similar)

  5. is this like a type of soup?

  6. no audio

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