The Fine Art of Bringing Vegetarian Dishes to a Non-Vegetarian Gathering

Article by Britney Smith

If you are a vegetarian, you probably worry if there will be anything for you to eat at holiday gatherings. It’s a common point of fear for vegetarians when they eat meals in unfamiliar places. This holiday season, why not make things easier for yourself and your hosts by bringing some vegetarian dishes to share?

You should definitely get permission from your hosts before bringing vegetarian dishes to their holiday gathering, but most hosts would be happy to have some help with the cooking. If you explain to them that you want to help, you can avoid stepping on any toes when you show up with your arms full of food. Consulting with your hosts about their tastes and the tastes of the other guests will help you decide which vegetarian dishes to bring.

What to Make

To appeal to a large crowd, the easiest vegetarian dishes to bring to a gathering are vegetable platters or a large platter of appetizers. Vegetable platters are sort of cliché for a vegetarian to bring, but they are healthy, simple, and delicious. Spinach dip served in a fresh bread bowl can really spice up an ordinary vegetable platter.

If you are looking forward to really wowing everyone who eats your cooking, some of the best vegetarian dishes to cook are those that are appealing even to non-vegetarians. Spring rolls and stuffed peppers are two traditionally well-received vegetarian dishes that get high marks for presentation as well as taste.

If the people you’ll be serving are a little more adventurous, vegetarian sushi is among the best vegetarian dishes to win over a non-vegetarian crowd. Filled with avocado, carrots, cucumber, and just a hint of wasabi, vegetarian sushi is an outstanding appetizer or main course. You can even adjust the fillings to make it just how you (and the host or other guests) like it.

Desserts are another area in which vegetarian dishes excel in taste and presentation. Technically, most desserts are vegetarian in the sense that they don’t usually contain meat. However, strict vegetarians also avoid eggs and dairy, which are also found quite frequently in desserts. Vegan cupcakes are simple, delicious, and make for a beautiful presentation. Who can resist an adorable frosted cupcake?

Some vegetarian dishes that you may want to avoid are anything that obviously features tofu (historically hated by nearly every non-vegetarian in America), anything that looks like stereotypical bland vegetarian food (no matter how wonderful it tastes), or food that clashes with the overall theme of the food that the host is serving. If you follow these very few rules, your vegetarian dishes should be a success at any gathering.

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