1. I came?

  2. hi, may i know the substitute of lemon juices can be tamarind paste? ?

  3. Next April we going to Thailand for the first time. This soup is on my
    menu. I think it`s going to be great. You make it even greater. ;-) Your so

  4. It is one of my favourite soup ,, thanks from Saudi Arabia =) :*?

  5. please don’t pour back the unfinished sip ….?

  6. They came in alive and they’re dead now. Love it!?

  7. I tried this recipe, and it tastes great! thanks for this! :-)?

  8. Very educational. Love your videos & the Salsa music-thank you!?

  9. Wonderful recipe! I want to try this?

  10. If u ever need another camera man just let me know…..or…if ur ever in
    canada..drop in and we can have a dinner party.. I love to cook as well?

  11. also, is there ANYTHING that can be used in place of galangal??

  12. Very good description and demonstration!!!?

  13. i like it..thanks, awesome way to cook tom yum goong?

  14. Thanks for the great recipe. I have a question. I have already expired
    shrimp paste and I wonder I can still use it for the soup.. :( I think it
    will be OK if it’s fermented stuff..?

  15. this looks incredible?

  16. Can I use dried Thai Chile’s in this recipe? Its about all I can find in
    the winter here on the east coast.?

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  18. thank you & love love all of your videos but a little too much talking.. It
    took you a whole minute to talk about lemon grass.. :-)?

  19. You must add the MSG to get that authentic taste!!! Never seen sugar used
    in Tom Yum here in Thailand. Must be a replacement for the sodium??

  20. If I want to use the tom yum paste (because my dad gave me A LOT of it), I
    don’t need the ingredients for seasoning such as fish sauce, lime juice
    etc? Just add water? ?

  21. Wow. Looks nice. Don’t expect to find any of the three herbs in my country,
    though. Bummer?

  22. your smile is so charming <3 love your videos?

  23. thanks gracias i like it?

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  25. Love your recipe! Thanks for sharing!?

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