Top 5 Chicken Logo Designs By the Super Successful Chicken Brands

Article by Tammy Becker

Who can’t make a good fried chicken burger?

These brands certainly can. But then so can the small fast food place in your area. But what sets these super successful brands apart from that small shop?

It’s their branding, of course.

The only difference between these corporations and the shop in your locality is that they have paid attention to their branding as well as their recipes.

Let’s have a look how that has made a difference:

1. KFC:
The Kentucky fried chicken logo is undoubtedly one of the most famous and easily recognizable symbols in the world and they haven’t even used food images in their brand mark.

So what makes their trademark so attractive?
Let me tell you a secret; KFC has created their symbol very cleverly. It may not consist of any food images but it certainly reminds you of hot and yummy chicken burgers. That is because the color they have prominently used is red which subconsciously reminds you of food. Clever, aren’t they?

2. McDonalds:
I doubt if there’s any kid in America who doesn’t know the golden arches. Similar to the KFC strategy, they have also not used any food images but the use of red and yellow colors combined with a huge ‘M’ depict energy and happy times and when that is combined their awesome burgers; fireworks are created.

3. Chicken Licken:
How can it not be tempting when the company name says ‘chicken licking’ with an image of a golden chicken just begging to be deep fried accompanying it?

But it doesn’t stop there. To make the design more tempting they have used scripted fonts to add an informal touch. The prominence of the ‘ketchup and mustard colors’ add the final tempting touch to the emblem that leaves no doubt that this certainly is soul food.

4. Burger King:
It is probably the simple concept of their emblem that makes it so easily memorable. When you’re crossing the street in hopes of finding a good burger place, their emblem leaves no doubt what you’ll find there. The image consists of the company name enclosed in an illustration of two buns. The design is compact, easily memorable and if summed up in two words; mouth watering.

5. Eat More Chicken:
The famous and witty ‘eat more chicken logo’ makes the viewers laugh at sight. The image consists of three cows are holding boards that say ‘eat more chicken’. Certainly, what can be funnier than cows wanting you to eat chicken? Here, it is the wit and humor of the brand mark that makes it so easily memorable and unique.

In conclusion, if you want your chicken burger place to be as popular as these famous companies, then make sure that you spend as much effort on your trademark as you do on the recipes.

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