1. new zealand accent??

  2. As a Chinese person when i saw this on a youtube channel i expected it to
    be non-authentic honestly, but after watching this i changed my mind —
    this is exactly how Chinese make dumplings and i’m so glad that every
    little details is well demonstrated. Thanks!?

  3. Omg this is n awesome video. I will make and convert to vegan and gluten

  4. i missunderstood and got sellerie instead of pak choi, do you think it’ll
    turn out as tasty??

  5. plzz use vinegar instead of soysauce it makes this soo much better?

  6. 3:00 I like how she held that?

  7. Ohh this is SOO good love it when my mom makes it, xie xie?

  8. The asian english accent is AWESOME ;)?

  9. These two are so fun and this is one of my favorite recipes. Awesome. <3?

  10. Oooh, got a bit MA there for a moment?

  11. This video is so well done that made me run out of excuses to buy pot
    stickers and start doing my own whenever I crave for them (which happens
    quite often, haha). Looks SO delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this
    with us in the best way possible! ?

  12. Just made this today. They were delicious. Thanks Dumpling Sisters!?

  13. Wow, this is one of the best, most informative cooking videos I have ever
    watched. It takes the mystery out of making the wrappers, for one thing,
    and the filling looks delicious. I have subscribed on the strength of this
    video alone, I hope we see a lot of these two in the future.

    And, I got a laugh from “Just remember to put those golden bottoms on
    show.” Sorry, but I just had to say it. :)?

  14. very tasty!?

  15. my mouth just got so watery?

  16. You guys say “A wee” Some Scottish in there. ?

  17. Looks great for Chinese New Year!?

  18. I learned so many great tips from this video and left craving some
    dumplings. Im gonna use this recipe for some superbowl dumplings tmr night
    but switch out the pork with some leftover braised shortrib! ?

  19. Awesome!! But which kind of flour do you use? Wheat??

  20. If you wanted to make them vegetarian, would you just use tofu instead of
    the meat or is there some other possibility? =)
    Looks really yummy though :D?

  21. really appreciate you showing those techniques, and my god are you ladies

  22. How many portion u can get from the doh??

  23. Mant? is better(a turkish food)?

  24. Loving the Kiwi Accents :)?

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