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Vegetable and Tofu Pad Thai | Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Going vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to eat tofu all the time, but with this recipe in your meatless arsenal, you might just want to. It’s an easy take on …
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  1. lovely take on a vegetarian pad thai

    and, you are quite the sexy chef?

  2. looks really good! :)
    is it okey to use lemon juice instead of lime juice?

  3. I wish I could eat this I can’t eat tofu my throat swells ?

  4. This looks so beautiful.. but… where’s the salt and pepper??

  5. No tamarind? ?

  6. Followed the recipe and didn’t taste like pad Thai :(?

  7. how in the world is this Pad Thai! You forgot tamarind, and bean sprouts,
    and you use carrots, and no fish sauce!!!!?

  8. those knife skills are scary. I’m surprised you didn’t lose a finger
    chopping that garlic lol.?

  9. This is way too far from pad thai?

  10. Isn’t Tamarind a key ingredient that makes Pad Thai, Pad Thai??

  11. right… shouldnt call this pad thai…just a noodle dish?

  12. If I have fish sauce, should I just replace it with the soy sauce? ?

  13. Cooking

  14. Going to try this. My daughter’s allergic to peanuts. At least I can
    control what goes in! thanks!?

  15. Fantastic thank you. Great energy in this video and it looks amazing, will
    give it a try.?

  16. This looks so delicious and healthy, i’m following a low fat food regimen
    and this dish looks awesome, would love to try it, but i was wondering if i
    could substitute those noodles with a multigrain noodle or pad thai kind of
    noodle instead of white.?

  17. half of the comments are just people moaning n complaining. she’s a great
    cook don’t like it don’t watch, ?

  18. Is there anything else you could use instead of eggs?,. ?

  19. People are moaning because she speaks sooo annoying..?

  20. healthy? with all that frying? you have to be joking …?

  21. I normally eat shrimp Pad Thai but I will try this dish at home plus a bit
    tamarind paste in the sauce that you gave in this VDO :) ?

  22. Thailand’s street food, yumm!?

  23. When you frying the tofu you can add a little soy sauce and a little pepper
    So your tofu has more color and flavor?

  24. love this recipe will make it for lunch many thanks Sharah for all your so
    yummy dishes?

  25. I think it looks good! I love Pad Thai, but have only ever tried the
    Chicken and Shrimp. Just ordered the Tofu Pad Thai from a local Chinese
    delivery restaurant. The rest of their food is REALLY GOOD, so I’m sure
    this will be, too. By the looks of this dish, I’m not really nervous to
    see what shows up. (No, she’s not Thai, but she’d obviously a very gifted,
    cook.) Pad Thai is probably a tricky dish to make – the authentic stuff.
    I think she took a great shot at it for a “boring, white lady” – like a
    lot of us!! :) LOL?

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