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Vegetable Korma – Indian Vegetarian Recipes Video
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  1. @sirmercutio99 : You can skip the green chillies. The flavor comes from other ingredients and the yogurt and the evaporated cream make it a mild curry.

  2. Can I subsitute the paneer with something else?

  3. Microwave vegetables…??? Are you serious??.Is there another option???

  4. @samogitian80
    Yes, cook them on the stove.

  5. @buttaluv10
    You can leave it out if want. Some people substitute tofu for paneer but it just looks like paneer – the taste is very different.

  6. I’ve been vegetarian all my life but am now vegan. I just use coconut milk and tofu. Great recipes. Thanks!

  7. That looks hella good. Unfortunately, this dish (and other Indian dishes) seem like a lot of work — lots of ingredients and lots of steps. But god, Indian food is so darn good and I don’t think I can afford $12 per entree + tax, naan, etc. from restaurants anymore. One day I’ll have to try this and see if it’s as good as when I order it out.

  8. @chevon1920 If you are a vegetarian and don’t like Indian, life must be hard. Indian food is my savior!

  9. complex recipie but awesome to eat

  10. goodness gracias that looks so delicious!i wish i had evaporated milk:(

  11. @samogitian80 hahahahaahahahahah

  12. @ShowMeTheCurry lol funny shit.

  13. toomany ingridients please try to make something easy and good

  14. alternative for evaporated milk…..???

  15. Ok, I am learning more about cooking.

  16. @ShowMeTheCurry i know right?

  17. @samogitian80 afte microwaving the vegetables will all the vitamines will vanish, never in my life i will do that.

  18. @thatdenn1s
    I totally agree, I would love to have a good chopper to chop all these veggies, any ideas?

  19. thank you

  20. /watch?v=m9FRSghXhDM

  21. Indian food is seriously making me think about becoming vegetarian again…or at least trying again

  22. wow that looks yummy

  23. this is just amazing !!! i followed each n every step of this recipe n wwaaallaa !!! its just tooo good i felt like a Master Chief after coking it !! :) thanks a lot :)

  24. wow, that is so much salt you guys are using! doesn’t seem really healthy to your blood pressure..

  25. This is like porn when you’re hungry.

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