1. Love the chinese recipes Tarla!

  2. Sooooo bolls are ready

  3. your receipe was gr8…….but can u pls tell me what can be used in gravy
    instead of corn flour…it would be a gr8 help?

  4. i never knew that making manchurian is that easy…i always thought its a
    very complicated recipe…tnk u?

  5. Ohhh i made this it was so yummm allthnks to tarla ji.?

  6. First of all RIP India’s original Master chef …………….my question
    is why was agginomotto avoided in this recipie??

  7. Super recipe loved it and soooo easy?

  8. tarla ji if we don’t have corn starch then we add maida in water?

  9. can u say how to make veg manchurian dry??

  10. Thanks alot ……superb recipe?

  11. superb superb (y)?

  12. My mom is making this let’s see?

  13. Tarla ji v luv you & ur delicious recipes…….thanks a ton 4 teaching us
    how 2 cook…..:)?

  14. Its so tasty I luv it tnx

  15. hey its very good?

  16. wow very nice sure i try it in my home ?

  17. very nice…I love the way you explain….I m gonna try it?

  18. Nice & simple but seems to exquisite in taste .?

  19. nice recipe maaji…?

  20. Wow very nice recipe..love it..?

  21. I tried yesterday u r recip , very simple and delicious yummy taste !!!
    thank u so much tarla ji ,Love u !!!?

  22. Hello aunty…… wonderful receipe n m gonna try dis n manchurian is ma
    fav n aunty u r d best?

  23. it is necessary to put soya sauce?

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