*CLICK HERE 4 RECIPE! http * Raw Food Diet Menu * Easy Healthy Recipes * Low Fat Salad DressingRecipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Green Salad Recipes * ? The Life Regenerator 10-Minute Healthy Salad & one of my favorite Salad Dressing Recipes ? * I ngredients * For the SALAD: — 1 head of Romaine Lettuce, broken into leaves — 1/2 head of Cauliflower, broken into florets — 1 red Pepper, roughly sliced — 1 yellow Pepper, roughly sliced — 1-2 cobs of Corn, raw For the DRESSING: — 5 cloves of Garlic, peeled — 2 Tomatoes, roughly chopped — 2 Oranges — 1 small Avocado * P reparation * — 1) Using your food processor’s chopper blade attachment, run the romaine lettuce leaves through your food processor, and then transfer everything to a large serving bowl or platter. — 2) Next, run the cauliflower through, spread over the bed of lettuce, and repeat the process with the red pepper and then the yellow pepper. — 3) Slice the corn of the cobs, and sprinkle over the peppers. — 4) To make the dressing, toss the peeled garlic cloves and roughly chopped tomatoes into your Vita-Mix blender, or other high-powered blender of your choice. http — 5) Use a manual citrus juicer or a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of the oranges into the Vita mix as well. — 6) Peel and pit the avocado and toss into your Vitamix as well. — 7) Blend until desired consistency is reached. — 8) Drizzle dressing over salad or offer it on the side
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  1. Another “Tasty” Dish. Thanks and Much appreciation for identifying the FP you’re using. Thanks to you and Krista for the love you share.
    Peace, Love and Good Blessings 2 U

  2. That dressing did look like Thousand Island ,but without all the crap…Thanks Dan!

  3. You can take the gigantic salad that you have made (beautiful and so easy), and separate it into different containers and take them with you to work, the gym, etc.

    I looooove raw cauliflower!

  4. is that salad just for yourself? just a snack, eh!

  5. dude, you need a show on the food network. and btw congrats on your 1000 subscribers!

  6. That looks like enough for 20 people LOL!

  7. I ate the whole thing! I workout a lot! :)

  8. I LOVED this , nice Dan, i love your energy and vibe,

  9. just subscribed thanks for all the great videos keep em coming

  10. dude, you’re energy is awesome. subbed!

  11. I love raw corn. Nice recipe. I have to try the dressing.

  12. hey, I hate to admit it, but I can’t stand tomatoes. Never could. Is there any good replacement for the tomatoes in the dressing, or how much of a tomato taste does the dressing have?

  13. Try organic heirloom tomatoes! I hated tomatoes too until I tried a real one!

  14. What’s wrong with cooked, white potatoes with the skins on for real mashed potatoes? How many vitamins are lost versuses the ability to digest? I love mashed potatoes!!

  15. You just made my stable meal. Yummy Yummy I love it! I don’t squeeze the orange, but just peel it and then throw it in the blender. The dressing is also very nice with coconut instead of avocado.

  16. Awsome recipe…..thx for posting :)
    I have a question….For how long I can keep dressing if I would like to keep it in storage?

  17. I just found your videos on here last night man, and you are inspirational! I love your message… great man.

    Peace and Light from the UK

    5 Stars

  18. oh mann that dressing looks super delicious!!

  19. suggestion, use a video editing program so he can talk all he wants or prep in between

    I only eat sweet food and junk preferably with tons of additives and Every one tells me I look ten years younger than I am and I’m never sick. My mom was into that organic crap and I hated it and was always sick..all the bugs and crap we always found eating on our food as we at it..yuck!

  20. hes like the shamwow guy

  21. do you eat fish?

  22. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  23. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  24. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  25. I really liked how you created that salad. I will give it a try, minus the corn and dressing. I need to invest in a blender. I have a Juiceman I purchased in 1999/2000. I have yet to take it out the box! So sad!

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