Green Salad Recipes with Celery Carrot * Healthy Salad DressingRecipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Raw Food Diet Menu * Summer Salad Recipes * ? Super Healthy Tossed Salad Recipe with Herbal Citrus Avocado Salad Dressing ? * I ngredients * — 1 head of Romaine Lettuce — 1 bunch of Rainbow Chard — 4-6 Celery stalks — 4-6 Carrots (unpeeled if organic, or peeled if inorganic) — 1 Orange — 1 Lime — 1 Lemon — Fresh Herbs: Rosemary, Dill, Basil & Thyme — 1 Hot Pepper, if desired — 1 Avocado, if desired * P reparation * — 1) Using your food processor’s chopper blade attachment, run romaine lettuce and rainbow chard leaves through your food processor, and then transfer to a serving platter. — 2) Using the same blade attachment, run celery stalks and carrots through the food processor, and then add to the greens on your serving platter. — 3) To make the dressing, use a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of the orange, lime and lemon into the food processor. — 4) Remove leaves from the stems of all your fresh herbs, and add to the food processor. — 5) Add hot pepper and avocado to food processor and blend until desired consistency is reached. — 6) Your salad and dressing are now ready to serve…enjoy! *** Motivation & Inspiration *** You can make the raw food diet work for you. Take some time! Be patient with yourself! You CAN do this. Fruits & Herbs are the simple foundation of your program…isn’t it amazing how SIMPLE true health is? I want *you* to be thin, trim, fit
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  1. Did you eat that WHOLE salad?
    It was great watching you flow,
    I too have ADD and believe nearly everything you said.
    I am nature, in a dream believing I am a man.
    In my dream I don’t understand the environment around me, and I am convinced that I am separate from everything, even food.
    When we truly look at ourselves, we are able to experience anything we believe is happening.
    Our beliefs create the experience.
    Faith is positive belief.
    Eating food close to Earth brings the most energy.

  2. you are the COOLEST person eva!

  3. I have the fondest memories of begin a kid, walking to the back fence, leaning over to an old guy garden and picking a fresh corn off the cob, dusting the dirt off, and munching away on my way to school.
    He would wave at me every morning and id wave back with the corn.
    He grew the corn, for me to eat, and seeing how much I loved it was all he wanted in return.

  4. @tpz29 Basically, protein rebuilds the body and carbs (sugars) fuel the body. Eating more than 15 – 20 gms of carbs every two hours you will gain weight because the excess is stored to fat. What does that mean – 1/2 cup of rice or potatoes or a small orange or a cup of berries… Research glycemic index of foods too. Generally raw whole foods release sugars slower in the blood stream, therefore less insulin produced which is a fat storing hormone.

  5. @zero212007 lol

  6. I loved laughing at this while eating my moussaka! Thanks!

  7. dude u rock

  8. dude u rock

  9. i nwanna know which brand food processor he used in this vid

  10. I love your attitude!

  11. Thank you

  12. YOU are the best, MARRY ME! Thank you so much for the inspiration to move forward to change my eating habits. I just ran across your videos and can I tell you that I’ve been watching them for the past two hours. YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED!

  13. can i please say something…. he’s cute <3 lol

  14. I would cut out my heart and give it to you too!!! Thanks dan and keep fighting the good fight

  15. nice method man…. really like it

  16. Animals are delicious and tastey.It’s also fun to eat them if the animals could talk they agree with me red meat we were ment to eat it !!!!! jesus tasted like pork by the way

  17. omg… i freaking love you… you are sooo great…thanks for showing me how to make a healthy salad…and i totally agree with you…now a days people are always cooking …why????idk…but ill promise to change my eating habits…im a chicana…my parents are mexican…so ALL my life ive been around fatty food…diabetes funs through my family…all my family is dead do to diabetes…and I WILL BREAK THAT CYCLE…LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH AND THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAMENT!!!!!

  18. OMG THANKS THE LORD I FOUND YOU…ive been looking for some kind of encouragment…im a chicana(mexican american).. . and ive always been around fatty foods..(tortillas, bread, salsa, meat, etc) my father was a butcher…and diabetes runs through my family…my grandparents uncle aunts, cusins died of diabetes… im trying to break that cycle.ive been expose to meat all my life i didnt know how to make a salad…and I FOUND YOU!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH AND AND I AGREE MEAT SHOULD BE EATEN LESS….

  19. Why do people go around and look for videos that they disagree with ? If you don’t think it’s for you, then move on.

  20. Great vidio

  21. hi dan i love your videos im sure u hear that a thousand tims a day but its great and ur tottaly right . i do have a question though…. can i free the juice i make for another day if i make too much?

  22. hi dan i love your videos im sure u hear that a thousand tims a day but its great and ur tottaly right . i do have a question though…. can i freeze the juice i make for another day if i make too much?

  23. I don’t understand whats wrong with cooked food?

  24. what a lovely guy!! i wish more people would be as positive and cool as you are:)

  25. lay off the dope. pot has clouded your mind

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