Super easy to make, these light and airy fitters will melt in your mouth. Thisvideo is part of Everyday Italian show hosted by Giada De Laurentiis . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Italians are masters at transforming simple, everyday ingredients into dishes that are quick, healthy and satisfying. On Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis shares updated versions of homey recipes from her Italian family. She’ll show you easy dishes that are perfect for every occasion: a weeknight meal, dinner party or cozy date for two. Buon appetito!
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  1. i dont c how shes not wearing enough clothes???shes wearing a damn turtle neck shirt so for one is isnt showing cleavage. The only thing you c is arms. Whats so wrong about that. Love her shows!

  2. Yeah it does seem like a heavy oil for that purpose but she knows what she’s doing. I trust her. Those look so good!!

  3. Lmao she’s wearing a turtle neck shirt, get over it.

  4. that was 9 months ago get over it.

  5. Nah, I don’t I will. :) People don’t change that fast.

  6. I am over it, I just don’t like reading careless comments, regardless of its “age”.

  7. Thats america for you.
    I didn’t even know i left such a stupid comment.
    I tihnk i was replying to someone else’s comment xD.

  8. america sucks huh :/

  9. Mhmm.
    We’re such hypocrites and drama queens.

  10. true dat.

  11. omg i can believe u guys r fighting over a shirt that’s so weird i think its cute there get over it!

  12. Yeah right. I can’t see myself making those…I’ll get right on that. Ha. She does make it look so easy though. She is always smiling. Love her.

  13. Looks pretty simple. I am going to modify this recipe because I am not going to buy a bottle of Amaretto just for these cookies plus, Almond Extract is strong stuff and that will really give those bow ties some kick. I am going to swap out the booze for 1 tsp. Almond Extract and use 1/4 cup Whole Milk.

  14. i am not a big fan og olive oil soo i am just going to use vegetable oil

  15. she always uses olive oil and never canola oil and canola is healthy

  16. nice tits

  17. @Hannahmiley58 olive is healthy, but not in expansve amounts… and I prefer olive or seseme over canola any day

  18. @SpiceOfLife3 every cuisine has it’s weird quirks, but that’s what makes them so darn wonderful and unique

  19. @Hannahmiley58 canola oil isn’t that healthy… the fda wants us to believe that, but the truth is that extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and raw butter from grass-fed cows are way healthier for cooking than canola.

  20. She’s a genius!!!

  21. people need to stop talking about her boobs!!! seriously people shes just another typical woman…people its really offencive to women when you say stuff like that..just stop it!

  22. Wow! Look at you! This is an amazing channel! Also truly fun!! Let’s stay in touch. Visit me sometimes!

  23. ok I love her cooking, but she is SERIOUSLY HOT!

  24. ok, I am Sooo doing this

  25. At 6:12 she sneakily puts down a piece so she is able to articulate with her hand. I hate acting…

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