1. Loved this vlog! And I caught the ‘Clueless’ quote in there ;)

  2. * How did you get your camera to stay in the car? :) x

  3. please tell me that’s a KA you’re in ;)

  4. Please do more of these videos !,

  5. ha! thanku X

  6. thanku! X

  7. Love watching your vlogs… You’re so funny!

  8. Yay! More shoppers guilt hauls from a car please! X

  9. Hi right back at ya. I one of the the new subcribers :) i enjoyed it. Love
    frome Madrid

  10. Did anyone else yawn when she yawned at the start of the video? haha

  11. yay thanku X

  12. ha done! X

  13. love your vlogs mary :)


  15. Thank you always a pleasure to watch your vlogs. Love towards the end when
    it becomes like eat pray love (book). Reminder to appreciate life’s
    blessings. Mary good luck in you do (college etc) your inspiring &
    positive. Take care :) xx

  16. I enjoyed your vlog. X

  17. Me n you shopping together would be hilarrr – tag teammm….I HATE having
    to pull ppl up that push in. Lol. Great vlog x

  18. so glad thanku so much XX

  19. this was a really fun video. i loved your buyers remorse episode. i have
    done that so many times and im glad im not the only one who loves to shop!!!

  20. please do a hair tutorial with your new hair wavers – I really want a pair
    and would love to see how they turn out! – Love your videos so much! x x

  21. yay thanku X

  22. Lying in bed really drunk right now and that Thai food is making me so
    hungrrryyyy. Loved the video!

  23. You’re so funny! Love your car vlogging!

  24. ..ooooh da curlers thingy looks aweskme! No regrets deffo lovely xxx

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