1. Theres my durian dish:-).. Nice job and I like the new look Phil:-)

  2. Hey!Lovely condoms!…:)

  3. ooh… the seabass in chili lime sauce is amazing good and killer spicy. do
    you remember what they charge there?

  4. I get a condom for a meal?

  5. thanks phil. although the video made me miss more my girl,I enjoyed it a

  6. I’ve been there a couple of times over 20 years ago. Looks like they’ve
    expanded the place quite a bit. It’s a lot larger than it use to be. Prices
    have always been on the high side, but the food is artistic to the eye, and
    the proceeds go to a worthy cause. I thought the food tastes good, but my
    wife wasn’t impressed.

  7. Damn. I miss bangkok so much. This city will be revisited.

  8. Look younger without the goatee, Phil..

  9. Lovely ,wonderful, and nice..lovely,wonderful and nice..please find some
    other adjectives besides lovely ,wonderful and nice .

  10. How much is a meal here?

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