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Whole Fish with Spicy Bean Paste ??? How to make Whole Fish with Spicy Bean Paste A Chinese New Year eve’s must-have dish for my family. Fish in Chinese “Yu”…
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  1. Spicy bean paste, can i just use taucheo??

  2. Especially the seasoning stuff on it?

  3. I used to eat this a lot in Taiwan when I lived there. Boy do I miss it!
    Now I can make it here in the U.S. Thank you! ??????

  4. It would have helped to know the amount of sugar,salt bean paste to put in
    and also the amount of heat per step, however thx for sharing nice video. ?

  5. thanks gracias i like it?

  6. Hi, Your cooking style is awesome. Could you please list the ingredients in
    the descriptions. ?

  7. awesome. thanx for sharing.?

  8. Headed to Chinatown tomorrow for the missing ingredients because I must try
    this. Excellent video!?

  9. Thankyou so much.i hope u can show us also how to cook .chili crab…

  10. i have to try this,,thnx..?

  11. Hi..can u post how to make chinese ngoyong? I love it.


  12. wow delicous i had ran out of the chinese cooking wine substituted with
    sweet white instead and a some oyster sauce and chopped shallots,it would
    of been better the chinese wine of course ,and set to cook for the min oh
    god was it good! thanks?

  13. your so sweet and i like your cooking very much?

  14. What kind of fish you use??

  15. I have eaten this in Chinese restaurants and loved it. Now I can make it.
    Thanks to your recipe. Love your cooking recipes.?

  16. Wer can i buy chinese bean paste? Can i use korean chilli paste??

  17. very good. thank you.?

  18. what kind of cooking pan do you use? whats the name of the brand??

  19. Hi please can you list the ingredient . Very nice tutorial good looks yummy

  20. Thank you so much. This looks delicious. Was that black vinegar you used?
    Do you recommend to rice vinegar or malt vinegar as a substitute or just
    omit it??

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