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World of Weird – Beijing Food Market: Bugs and Lizards

Lizards, snakes, and starfish. Oh My! Ever eat deep fried sparrow? How about seahorse or snakeskin? Stop by the Donghua Men or Wangfujing Food Market and hav…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. and hatsuharu???

  2. ill eat all those food.

  3. I am part chinese! I have been to china twice, and even though the food at
    the boarding school I went there was NASTY, I know the variety of fruits,
    meats and veggies the chinese have. :) Dont belive me? my computer doesn’t
    have chinese on it, but I can use pin yin. Wo qu le zhong guo liang ci le.
    Wo de xue xiao ming zi shi hai kou jing shan xue xiao. XD

  4. Wtf no one ever eats this in Beijing

  5. Starfish… what? How do you even..?

  6. not a fan, felt like I was eating sand. Or was the that sea horse….

  7. I’m so hungry right now.

  8. China also has a lot of fast foods like McDonald’s :) stop complaining

  9. how could u do this to hatori, ayame, and kureno?

  10. racist dumbass

  11. I laughed my ass off XD

  12. dirty bastards

  13. Welcome to bear grylls’s world……..but seriously….

  14. I think I just barf a little

  15. only in china!

  16. really weird food I’m looking for thai street food which is more gross?

  17. AND they have KFC :D?

  18. Anything with its backbone facing the sun we will eat haha?

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