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Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that’s just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for ho…
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  1. all your thinking is these? to words.. BIG MISTAKE

  2. You’re crazy man :o?

  3. No offence but thats not hot at? all

  4. Red chilli is nothing you should have? naga chilli

  5. great vid dude now? i got my dip for my party :D

  6. pfoai fraiere te-ai facut rosu ca porodica? :)))))

  7. Woah you need milk?

  8. R u ok?

  9. R u ok?

  10. His voice went? funny

  11. Sugar??

  12. yeah? you’re right it’s really hot

  13. Sweet,spicy and salty? it taste awesome

  14. :D You should try making a? powder. I made mine a few years ago. I grew my own veg but it was: 5 dried Thai dragon chili peppers, 5 dried Habaneros, 3 dried Jalapenos and a bit of cayenne. It’s really good for meats, I always put it in my ramen.

  15. looks sooo good!! I? love spicy food!

  16. my? mouth is watering! so bad!

  17. Hahahaha at the taste? test!

  18. it’s not “World’s Hottest”? take it away please..

  19. I try to make? it and taste it but…. I don’t think that is hot… ( I just add 1 table spoon of sugar )

  20. look at his face sSOOO red?

  21. hahhahaaha?

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