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Yummy! Thai Food!

I stumbled on a little Thai place while visiting friends and family just outside of Atlanta, GA. I usually order red curry, but this particular restaurant of…

  1. Schiff, is right, people are fed up, we moved money to a credit union. If
    there is a banker holiday we have the means to still have funds
    available.own silver, gold and cash. People are waking up, letting banks
    use your money for free and then getting charged for it is just plain
    stupid! The thai food is amazing glad you are enjoying life!

  2. That looked really great! Atlanta has alot to do there. I’ve only been to
    the ATL airport twice. Never got to actually see ATL. Looked huge out of
    the window, though and that airport is huge, too! Can get lost in there,

  3. Thai food is notoriously UNhealthy, generally avoided by expats. MSG added
    to practically every dish, as is salt/sugar. Fish sauce and oyster sauce
    also high in salt. Thai food appears to be exotic through use of coconut
    milk, lemon grass and coriander etc, though beware! Thai food has been
    ‘westernised’ to suit western palates. Outside of tourist areas, Thai food
    is not delicious at all!! In fact, even finding a place to eat is difficult.

  4. why u cry like a baby if u want healthy food why not eat vegetarian ?

  5. I love thai food

  6. I had always thought one would need to be on the coast albeit East or West
    to find some quality food with fresh ingredients but these dishes look
    really nice! Love that curry dish with the fresh avocado!

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